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    MOAB Delivery

    Hey Fran, if I order a MOAB kit, hopefully you don't have the US Air Force deliver it to me!
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    Bonded composite panel chassis constuction

    This gets you thinking! Inrekor unveils flat-pack production process | In-depth | The Engineer
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    Anyone going to SEMA?

    I will be there all week. Anyone else going?
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    New engine for the SLC

    Man Creates 8.9 Liter V12 LS Engine - Corvette Forum
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    Team Quick Racing Products

    Well we are finally moving ahead as our 2 SLCs showed up last month, well worth the wait. We have 2 race chassis, with full race suspension on each. The plan is to build the coupe first, for sprint & endurance racing. What we learn from the first build will help shorten & improve the build on...
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    What it's all about

    I know this is from the "other side", but check out this story.!!!
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    Team QRP

    Well we officially went off the deep end. We have ordered an SLC & the first LeMans, both in race version. Really excited for the opportunity to work with Fran & the whole team at RCR. We will keep everyone posted on our progress. Check the link for more info Ted...
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    Happy New Year

    To all our friends in RCR land, hope you all have a great 2012! Looking forward to meeting more of you in the new year. The racing season will be an awesome one too! Ted Home Congrats to Fran & Ryan on their 2011 NASA national championship with the awesome SLC coupe! Congrats to Jason Meyers...
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    Team QRP visits the factory

    Team Quick Racing Products had the pleasure of visiting the RCR factory last Thursday. What an impressive facility. Many thanks to Fran & his entire team of dedicated employees. Fran met us at 8am, & spent the entire morning showing us around the facility, and inside & out of the SLC race car...