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    Upper Ball Joint ?

    I'm looking to do something similar to RCR for an upper ball joint. It looks like they're using a tie rod end. Does anyone have a manufacturer and part number for this? Does this joint have a GM taper? I'm using front uprights from a 88-90 Corvette. Will the taper fit without reaming? The...
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    Pro-Hobbyist Legislation Passes in MA

    Yesterday Gov. Deval Patrick signed HB4871 into law. This law creates a special registration class for street rods, customs and replicas and gives us some relief on the emissions requirements. While not everything we were hoping for, this is still a huge improvement over the regulations in...
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    Not mine but I thought someone may be interested. CIBIE HEADLIGHTS FORD GT40 RENAULT MATRA LE MANS:eBay Motors (item 140327438555 end time Jun-23-09 08:30:52 PDT) Charlie
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    15:1 or 18:1 Rack Ratio?

    What's the preferred steering rack ratio for a street car that may see an occasional autocross, 15:1 or 18:1? Steering racks aren't cheap, I hope to get this right the first time. I see different units used to describe the rack ratio, a number of turns "lock to lock" or a ratio. What's the...
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    Looking for Dimensions of PSE Wheels

    Does anyone know the maximum backspace possible on a 17 X 8 PS Engineering BRM style pin drive wheel? I'm designing my own chassis and I'm at the point of positioning my front suspension components. PSE doesn't have a web site or email and they're hard to get on the phone. Thanks, Charlie
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    Massachusetts SEMA Legislation Alert

    The SEMA legislation has passed in the House and Senate and is now on the Governors desk. This legislation, H.B. 5194, allows replicas to be registered as the model year they most closely represent which will waive the emissions testing. The DEP changed the emissions testing for replicas on...
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    MkI Tail Section for Sale

    MkI tail section I'm told is from a GTD. New, never installed. There's been some filling/sanding done to the seams. $2,000 Local pick up preferred. I can arrange delivery in New England for the price of fuel. Thanks, Charlie
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    Driving Lights

    Not mine but I thought someone might be interested. eBay Motors: GT40, HM & SHELBY , MK 1 LOWER DRIVING LIGHTS. Charlie
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    O2 Sensor Placement?

    I have limited space on my exhaust collectors to mount an O2 sensor so I'm considering mounting it in the end face of the muffler. This end of the muffler is an open chamber. The baffles start 3 or 4" from this face. The lower photo shows where I hope to install the bung. Do you think this...
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    Springfield Street Rod

    Looking around the internet for heat/AC systems and components, I came across Springfield Street Rod. They advertised some nice compact systems and components for reasonable prices so I ordered an AC compressor from them. My account was charged the next day so I assumed the unit shipped right...
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    Headlights and Taillights

    Looking through other posts, I've read that the original Mk I's used Marchal TP21SP headlights and Fiat 850 Coupe taillights (two-taillight rear clip). The headlights are becoming more scarce than hen's teeth and what is available is not cheap. Are there any other alternatives out there...
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    Factory Five Open House June 16th

    Not really a GT40 event but some of the folks in the Northeast may be interested anyway. What's New Hope to see some of you there. Charlie
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    15" Wheels over Corvette Brakes?

    Does anyone know if 15" wheels will fit over C4 Corvette brakes? I'm thinking of using a BRM knockoff wheel. I was going to use 17" but I like the period correct look of the 15". There's not much selection of 16" tires anymore. Thanks, Charlie
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    Reproduction Suspension Components?

    After the RF demise and losing my deposit, I've started thinking about building my own chassis. Not having to design and build my own suspension would save me a lot of time and work. Is anything commercially available for original-looking suspension components? I don't need an exact replica...
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    Oil Pan for RF, Wet Sump

    What are the choices for wet sump oil pans to fit in a RF? The engine I'm rebuilding came out of an Explorer. The cast aluminum oil pan that came with it looks deep (maybe it's not, I don't know). I'll be adding a 347 stroker kit if that makes any difference. Thanks, Charlie
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    Audi transaxle parts sources

    I'm starting the rebuild on a 016 box. Anyone know a good source for parts or will I have to go to an Audi dealer? I don't need anything major, just the bearings, seals, gaskets, and synchro's. Thanks, Charlie
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    LSD for 016

    Does anyone have any experience with the Phantom Grip LSD for the Audi 016? I did a search and found a thread that was a couple of years old. It sounds like back then a couple of guys bought them but hadn't tried them yet. Any updates? I'm planning a strictly street car with about 350 hp. I...
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    Audi OI6 question

    I went to a salvage yard today to pick up an Audi OI6 gearbox (ratio code AFC) and it appeared to come out of a Quattro (had the rear driveshaft). Is this typical of the AFC boxes or do all of the OI6 units come in both a two wheel and all wheel drive configuration? I asked for the AFC box for...
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    Audi transaxle numbers

    Are the identification numbers on the Audi 016 transaxles visible while the trans is still in the car? Thanks, Charlie
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    Tough decision

    I've been wanting to build a GT40 for some time now and have been lurking here gathering all the information I can. I think I have the car choice narrowed down to RF or Tornado. One thing that makes the choice difficult is trying to make the decision based on pictures on the internet. This...