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    Spa six hours 2021

    here s a pic
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    Spa six hours 2021

    I will be there and racing a Lotus XV (N°60) in Stirling Moss Trophy Grtz fred
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    FS EU Window hinges.

    Hi Otto Mail and payment sent Grtz Fred
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    FS EU Window hinges.

    send you a pm
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    FS EU Window hinges.

    Hi Otto I would like to order a set plus postal shipping to Brussels/Belgium PLs confirm total amount and payment method (PayPal etc?). Tx Grtz fred
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    FS USA Stainless Megaphones

    Can you give lenght of pipes and diameter at connection pls ?
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    Fuel Sender GTD is selling them but you may have to adapt length of sender.
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    Show us your GT40!

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    Street tire question

    In case you have 15 ' wheels: Avon CR6ZZ is the way to go despite a bit expensive Michelin TB5/TB15 are good tires but a little small and lifetime rather short. My other alternative would be Dunlop Grtz Fred
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    Spark Plugs

    Always used Autolite AR3934 Grtz fred
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    GTD original Rear Wheelguide rods and rear wheel stabilizer

    Went today to the Belgian MOT (Technical control) for the first time in 20 years as oldtimers are now subject to a normal control. My car passed everything except at the last minute they indentified that above pieces are not 'original' ..!! Is there somebody who has original GTD pieces...
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    Water proof GT40?

    I admire the ones who managed a dry GT40 inside ! Myne definitely does not :cool:
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    15" racing tires - which are the best for the track?

    Try Avon CR6 ZZ I have Front: 215 60 15 Back: 295 50 15 Very good on dry Fred
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    Which engine oil to use for road/track day ?

    I was recommended by my engine builder to use Memorex 0/40. What are you using gent s as I will change engine oil soon: ie; -Is 0/40 OK ? (always used it and is good but need refill once in a while - Which trade mark ? Engine. SB302. IDA 48 Weber. Edelbrock heads Est 380 HP Tx Grtz Fred
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    Vintage wheels
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    Windscreen bottle washer

    MK1. I believe to go for theLucas one as per pics from JP Thanks folks Grtz Fred
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    Windscreen bottle washer

    What is the original part for a GT40 or GTD40 pls ? Tx Fred
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    Screen washer bottle

    My bottle is broken. Is there an original GT40 one existing ? Tx Grtz Fred
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    Dave Morton

    RIP Dave My condolences to the family and friends He was a real GT40 man and I appreciated a lot his character ! Fred