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    CompUSA No More

    Gent, Just to confirm that Barry in sales at Compomotive UK told me that Motorsports Specialty Inc. in Quarryville PA. has gone bust, all inquires for new parts can be made through Comp UK. Dave
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    016 clutch question

    Gent's, I have been buying some parts as of late. Saw a Tredex Clutch kit for Audi 5000 79-88 on ebay $97.00. Anybody use one. I was told my transaxle came from an 84. It's marked 016-AFC . Dave
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    Compomotive outer shells needed

    Guys, I need two 2" to 2.5" outer 13" 18 hole Compomotive or Revolution outer shells. I have to narrow the rims down ( rears )to fit the tires I purchased. I do have one 3" outer if I could match it, I could eeke by. PM me if you have or know any. Dave
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    Tornto Honda Indy

    Gent's , Here the result of the race. Aussie's will be proud Will Power put's another notch on his six shooter. Last year a bridesmaid this year a bride. Dave Toronto Indy won by Will Power | Autos | Sports | Toronto Sun
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    Midnite Auto Supply

    Gent's, I had a call from my wife yesterday after work. She work's in the downtown core and park's in a parking garage for the goverment building she works in. She started her van and it was loud as hell. So I get a call to check it out. It appears the catalytic converter was removed with a...
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    Vin Plates

    Guys, Have some Vin Plates for Sale. I am going to bring in more in the future. My new hobby. These are Lola Reproduction Vin in the two styles. $20.00 CDN or US each sent regular snail mail North America. Express Post Extra. Dave
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    Crazy Corners

    Gent's, Here a little light reading you might find interesting. Some of you guys have driven on these tracks. Dave The world's craziest race track turns - Autos
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    Renault 5 Transaxle

    Guys, I saw this for sale. Do you guys have any info on it. I tried the world market forum but I did not have any access. I thought if it is worth while transaxle I would look into it and maybe buy it as an alternative to the 016 I have. Do you know what model it is. Dave Renault "5" parts -...
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    Put Another Shrimp On The Barbie

    Gent's, I think you will find this rather discusting. The problem is these idiots will get a slap on the wrist because they are young offenders. We have the same laws here and they should be tried as adults. Dave Canadian man in wheelchair beaten in Australia | News
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    Camp X Artifacts Up For Sale

    Gent's I thought you guys might find this interesting. This Camp was based in my own home town during WWII. People knew it was there but it was like Area 51 in the U.S. Most of the spy gear was collected by a private individual and he passed away and left it to his daughter. This was the...
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    Carol Shelby Tribute Toronto Auto Show

    Gent's , Came across this on Sympatico's Auto Section. Dave An evening with Carroll Shelby - Autos
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    Chris Smith Wins Chevron Trademark Dispute

    This dispute started in November. I e-mailed Roger Andreason as soon as I found that Helen Malkie had applied for the Chevron Trade Mark. I knew that Roger had let it lapse. This was the outcome. Dave The Original Chevron Car Company
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    Bag tank VS. Fuel Cell

    Gent's, I am getting to the panning stage this week. The gas tank placement in the Chevron B16 was a bag tank set in behind the panned in seats. There are accesses on each side of the seats. I have never seen one but I have a good idea how it was set up. My Dear Abby question is "...
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    Sterling Moss

    Gents, Sterling Moss is 80 today. Dave
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    Dulon GT up for sale

    Gent's I posted a while back about this car and now it's up for sale. 1968 DULON LD6 GT Spec Sheet I considered this car a baby 40. I know two were started but only one completed. Dave
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    Track times

    Here a little tid bit on supercars times. Dave Ringmasters: 15 fastest Nürburgring lappers - Sympatico/MSN Autos
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    Girls from the Honda Indy Race Toronto

    Here's a little eye candy. Dave The girls of the 2009 Honda Indy Toronto - Sympatico/MSN Autos
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    Rahal orders Chevron B16

    Bobby Rahal orders Chevron B16 from Chris Smith(Chevron Cars) and Kelvin Jones Motorsports. Look's like he will be doing some vintage racing in the UK. Dave
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    Dulon LD6 GT

    I always liked the look of the Dulon LD6 GT. It is a sweet looking car. There are other pics on google but not too many. DULON History Dave
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    Chevron B8 For Sale

    Found this on E-bay UK. 68 Chevron B8 Body and frame. I just might bid. 260362861684 Helps if I put the listing number. Dave