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    Tornado GT40 01E

    Hi Anyone out there with a 01E 6spd installed in a Tornado, Im about to tackle this myself
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    Adapter kit BNC products

    Hi Just thought i would pass on my thoughts regarding an adapter kit I purchased from Chris at BNC products. I was having clutch slips problems with a high powered engine I had fitted to my RF, it was an ongoing issue and i had tried a few different variations of clutch discs and pressure...
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    Adapter kit Windsor to 01E 6spd 6spd

    windsor to 01E 6spd adapter kit. Selling due to upgrading to a full race set up. Complete set up with starter motor. Works perfect for low to medium power. Looking to get around $1000 Australian.
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    Clutch slip.....Grrrrr

    Hoping someone in the world can help me. I have an RF GT40, fitted with a 6spd 01E and an adapter kit made by Eric. The kit was supplied with a Sth Bend single plate clutch kit. Now my motor is 414ci engine and Dyno'ed at 454hp at the clutch slips terribly. I contacted Sth...
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    RF12 Dyno run vid

    Best run we got 454hp at 5800 and 1062nm at 4400rpm
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    LS centre for 01E 6spd

    Hi I need a LSD centre for my 01E 6 spd trans. Who supplies them? What types can you get? Cheers
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    Albany Classic race meet

    here's some in car video of RF12 racing at the Albany Classic on the weekend.
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    MKIV kit options

    Who out there in the world makes a MKIV kits or panel sets? I know RCR does a kit but is there anyone else?
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    01E Cable shifter

    Ok Im hating my current cable shifter (Its a modified Audi 5000) . Just doesnt have enough throw sideways between gates. Is there another alternative out there for the 01E 6spd?
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    KEP 016 to Windsor adapter kit

    Hi KEP adapter kit, as seen in picture. $400 Australian. Ford Windsor to 016 Audi trans.
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    Clutch help

    I have an RF GT40, I fitted a 6spd 01E and it has a Stage 2 Southbend clutch. Motor is a 414ci stroker Windsor....seems very strong. Anyways clutch cannot hang on, slips end of third gear and full throttle in 4th just buzzes up.. Motor should be good for 500hp. Anyways hoping someone can...
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    WTD : GT40 side windows

    Need a pair of side windows for my RF. My guess is most variants should fit with a bit of trimming..
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    Here's a quick vid of RF12
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    01E install

    I thought I would start another 01E fitment thread. I recently changed from a 016 to 944 trans but the clutch and trans was not up to the power of the 414 stroker Windsor motor. I have decided to replace the 944 with a 6spd 01E and an upgraded Clutch with an adapter kit made by Eric of...
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    WTB: 351 Weber set

    Hi Has anyone got a set of IDA or IDF webers they have given up on to suit a 351 windsor? Will consider all options and possibly a swap for my TWM 8 stack set up with custom fab intake manifold. Please pm or email. Cheers Dave
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    Avon 275/55/15 tires

    Hi Is anyone running Avon 275/55/15 tires on 10inch wide wheels? would love to see some pictures, also thinking of fitting 215/60/15 to 8inch wide wheels...thinking it will be a stretch, I dont like baggy sidewalls. Any pics or advice greatly appreciated.
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    Steel spider

    I am planning in the future to convert my RF fibreglass spider to a steel version. I have a good idea on how to make one using laser cutting and a buck. Has anyone done this before? any leads on a roof panel supplier and anyone interested in a combined project sharing tech? Also anyone got...
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    WTD 15inch wheels

    Hey Guys i am looking for a set of either Halibrand or BRM style 15inch wheels, with or without tires. prefer 15x8 and 15 x10. i am looking for that old patina look ,so if you are thinking of upgrading your wheels then let me know so i can help you out. Please PM or email me what you...
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    01E Rod type shifter

    Hey Does anyone do a mechanical / rod type shifter for an 01E 6 speed? i have only seen cable type arrangements.
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    Feature car sticky

    I was thinking a feature car sticky in the build forums or similar might be a good idea, only for real special builds that is not a build diary more like a magazine type article. Im thinking for special cars like Bill D's RCR, Jim's Alloy body RF, Chucks RCR cars like that . Stops these...