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    CAV Wide Body No. 104 Lemans Blue **SOLD**

    This is a Mk1 built by CAV in Nov 2005 and fitted out in 2006 by renowned GT40 and Cobra builder Bill Mitchell of HRE Motorsports in New York. Gulf Flares, Twin Snorkel, Lemans Blue Metallic, Silver Center Stripes, Black Perforated Leather. Smiths gauges, 220 mph speedo, Lucas toggle switches...
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    016 Transaxle - At Speed Stall

    This transaxle is in a later model CAV. I think it's an open diff because when rear is jacked up tires spin in opposite directions. ISSUE: car has run fine for a couple of years. Now, under acceleration, when you get it on, or when shifting at speed, the engine rpm/tach needle goes up but car...
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    New Custom "Frank Catt/UK" Alum Fuel Tanks

    I posted earlier about the need to replace by original CAV tanks (one is leaking). I had the good fortune of being in London on business and took the train down to see well-known GT40 guys Frank Catt and Geoff Taylor. Among many GT40s in their shops was a spectacular CAV in Gulf livery owned by...
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    Fuel Bladder Replacement (CAV) a leak in passenger side bladder. Need to disconnect, remove and replace it..and seal things back up. I've searched this site and didn't find a thread on point for the steps to do this. It's going to be a pain. I can tell that. Suspension will have to come off to allow space. I've...
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    CAV Wiring - Turn Signal and Flasher Relay

    The wiring diagrams at the end of the owner's manual don't include turn signals/flasher relay etc. Does anyone have a diagram of this for a CAV? And where is the flasher relay located (presumably under the dash somewhere)? Thanks.
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    Vintage Car Badge -- GT40 and (Other Car?)

    I recently purchased this badge online because it had a GT40 on it (the car in the rear). I thought I knew what the red car was until I got the badge in the mail and inspected it more distinguishing feature gave it away because it originally appeared on the car in one year only...
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    Hartwell Latches To Fit CAV

    Original and repop latches with word "press" etc won't fit on a least not on the front because front latch is smaller than the rear. Any CAV guys out there find a way to use original style Hartwells all the way round?
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    Ford advanced vehicles slough -- vin plate

    Does anyone know where I can get a repro plate for my CAV? Ben Miller used to make them but, alas, he has passed. No, I'm not tying to fool anybody. How could you with these cars with air conditioning etc...for crying out loud? Just thought it would be fun to put one on. Thanks. Rob Atlanta...