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    UN1 CWP upgrade

    If I told you that it is possible to make a super strong CWP for UN1, how many would be interested? OEM crown gear has 35 teeth 194mm diameter; pinion has 9 teeth, both right hand spiral. I'd like to revise number of teeth thus making parts stronger and keep 3.750 ratio. I'm considering using...
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    UN1-026/27 "Holloway" kit GROUP BUY

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    UN1 upgrade = Holloway Kit Revival

    So called Holloway upgrade kit for UN1 transmissions may be available again, soon. Take a look: Looking for Holloway Performance Single Piece UN1 Input Shaft - Page 2 - LotusTalk - The Lotus Cars Community
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    Could you identify this transaxle?

    Could anyone identify this transaxle from the picture? "Normally" Ligier JS2 had C35 Citroen tranny, but not for 24 hrs LeMans!*jpg/ Note the characteristic shift linkage.
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    Individual cylinder ani-knock controller?

    Has anyone used an individual cylinder anti-knock controller from J&S Electronics? Which one? Any thoughts/tips?
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    Turbocharged engine?

    Lightweight V8 and (double) turbo would be a heaven's gate. Has anyone went turbo? What configuration, specs?
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    Renault UN1 transaxle, everything

    I thought that "The One Stop Shop" compiling all information under one roof would be nice to have. Would you please post technical data, tips, specifications, dimensions, reworks, etc. I"ll start with some specs for different versions of UN1 specimen: UN1/xxx > The initial Lotus unit...