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    funny, found them this weekend from an SCCA forum post, they're on the list ;) thank you!
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    What's the best place to look for either used SuperLite's or not completed kits/projects? Challenge- The least expensive track car (nemesis) it's a single seater I need something with two seats since I'm going to have to have an instructor co-driving until I'm cleared to drive solo...
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    Mark's GT-R Build

    great job. just read the whole thread over the past few nights. keep trucking!
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    Superlite Aero

    beauty. this may be the route we take. dreaming of an slc for years but still working so many hours. going to be doing some track days at local track (I have 2 < 1.5 hrs from me) and if i long for more than my daily driver, will budget for this and a trailer.
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    Superlite Nemesis - Viewing/Test Drive

    I'm in Northern VA and curious as well, looking at the tandem.
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    Nemesis - transaxle

    Nemesis Tandem - will likely be my first SLC/RCR car. So I'm interested to hear what you find out.
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    Superlite Nemesis and Nemesis **SOLD**

    Re: Superlite Nemesis and Nemesis Tandem Brand new and in California is the tandem still for sale?
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    Team QRP

    sounds mean.... very nice.
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    LT1 crate engine

    I'm curious if the major downsides seen in the lambo/audi direct injected V10 will be found in this one. By not having the air/fuel mix on all the time and 'washing' the backsides of the intake valves, the V10's get fouled up pretty quickly and pretty badly. I researched it in 2012 and early...
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    Nemesis Builds

    question about LMP2 - how does one get into the cockpit? are the pontoons with the add'l body work strong enough to walk on?
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    Nemesis Builds

    I read all 19 pages and thought to myself: "this doesn't even seem to be the same car in a lot of ways" good to know I wasn't too tired when I read it.
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    Nemesis Builds

    thanks Justin
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    Nemesis 2 Tandem

    Hi Fran, The site seems to only still have the original single seater non-tandem shown. Any ETA for the Nemesis T on there? And lists parts for engines, but no engine package - any recommendations for an engine and transmission prep'd and ready to go from a source (so no donor...
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    Nemesis Builds

    Any Nemesis build logs online, per the OPs original question? Thanks.
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    nemesis / lmp2 question - EV ?

    Thanks guys. Fran good talking with you yesterday. Since I was wrong referencing the pic above regarding the body panels of a Nemesis to lmp2 morph, can you provide any that would clear things up? Thanks Fernando
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    nemesis / lmp2 question - EV ?

    So, I can't seem to find a pic that I saw a few days ago where the LMP (or LMP2) has the skin off and it shows the fuel tanks in the side chambers. I'm hoping it's the LMP2 but not sure it is since the Nemesis doesn't have the tanks there. So the Nemesis (non tandem) can become the LMP2...
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    sema show?

    Are any SLC/RCR cars going to be at Sema? I can't find RCR in the exhibitor list - maybe in a partner org's booth? Just Curious...
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    LSA SLC Build Log

    The blower sound in an LSA is heard from the intake side, not the exhaust side. on the CTSV and ZL1 it's very noticeable if you ditch the stock airbox and go with one of many cold air intakes (CAI). get on the throttle and the demon whine of the roots style supercharger is something to behold.
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    LSA SLC Build Log

    depending on the tune that's very achievable. My daily driver is a 2012 CTS-V wagon, and I spend time over at where plenty of people making 600+ at the wheels with similar mods (so ~700 at the crank) - again based on the tune. I'm about 500 HP at the wheels with an auto (so...