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    MIRAGES !!!

    Hi all, has anybody anywhere built a quality replica Mirage, or know of where body components might lurk? I understand that many people may not see them as the definative GT40, or that there may not be much demand for such a car, but personally I think a replica Mirage would be a truly...
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    Hot Heads

    Hi all, can anybody shed some light on the design and purpose of the GT40 alloy heads, the GT40X heads, and the Victor Juniors? Rob
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    That Glorious Noise

    Hi, can anybody decribe the different notes of a 8->2 and an 8->2 crossover exhausts? I assume the 8->2 crossover sounds like a flat plane crank, in that it howls like a very large 4 cyl motorbike? (or indeed a formula 5000...) Has anyone seen or heard of an 8->2->1 pipe? Surely that would be...
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    The changing face of motor sport...

    Today's helmets should not be used for three seasons by anybody: as the foam impact- absorbing liner goes hard, and stops absorbing impact. This is a bad thing. I wonder if it was the same back then??
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    Smog legal & clean speed

    Hi, are all the replicas in AUS available with an EPA legal motor? I would have thought this essential for a registerable road car, and only have knowledge of the RF 5 litre Motec injected motor- which is legal with 320 hp and a wide flat torque curve I believe? thanks Rob
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    TheRight Body Parts

    Trivail pursuit questions for all you GT40 officiandos out there: Did the Mark 1 and Mark 11 GT40's have identical cabin and doors? Did any of the MK1's have a single radiator outlet, rather than the 2 nostrils? Did all Mk11's have a different (shorter?) nose than the Mk1's? And last but not...
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    What colours are the best??

    Hi, perhaps seen at first as a trivial question, but what colours do forum members think is best, and which striping (if any)? Perhaps people have seen some very effectively presented cars? Rob
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    GTD specs

    Hi all,what kind or race weight would a typical GTD40 have? Does it vary by class? Thanks Rob
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    Boss 429 Mustang V8

    Hi can anybody tell me what these motors were? Which block/heads, real world power etc? I remember drooling over them as a teenager, and thought they were THE BUSINESS! Rob
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    Corvette motors

    I would hesitate to put something other than a Ford V8 in a '40, as it does represent the heart of the car... However... Over here in the land of Oz, Holden Special Vehicles tinkers with family cars and sells them as part of an agreement between GM Holden, and TWR. Most of them have more...
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    GT40 quarter miles

    Hi guys, has anybody run their Gt40 through the quartermile? it would be interesting to compare engines, times and speeds? And,to put most modern cars in their place!
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    Racing Slicks

    Hi guys, which tyre company suppies the grippiest slicks, and do they have good technical service? thanks
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    racing the RLGT40 in Australia

    Has anybody researched the eligability of the RLGT40 in marque sports, or GTP, (or anywhere else!!), as a limited production vehicle??
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    Hi Does anybody have figures on the relative aero performance of the Mk11 versus the MK 1?? The differing nose, extra rear intakes, and especially the higher squarer tail all would have made large differences. BTW the Gulf flared "1071" appears to have 10% more drag than the Mk1, according to...
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    GT40 scale models !

    Hi, after seeing some references to GT40 scale models, I thought i should share the following info about some amazing 1:12 scale stuff that is available to the GT40 fans out there with too much spare time ! ) Those of you with the real thing might like to comment on their authenticity Made by...
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    Rallying the GT40

    Hi all, I have read references to a '40 being rallied... I can't help thinking 5 inches of ground clearance would be fine for Pikes Peak, Colorado. As would the wonderful noise and sight of such a beast heading skywards! I might be mad,(this rubber room is pretty nice), but wouldn't it be...
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    Data Logging

    Hi, has anybody run a modern data logging system on their car while in competition? A few titbits such as grip of modern tyres, speed versus horsepower would be very illuminating !!
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    A Ride in a Legend

    Would anybody in Melbourne be able to take me for a spin in their GT40 or replica? Or perhaps some drooling time? I am particularly interested in Robert Logan's Roaring Forties. many thanks Rob
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    Tires (Tyres)

    Has anybody got some advice on tyres that give very good grip on hillclimbs and racetracks, that also have enough tread to actually clear water? I was thinking of the Yokohama AO32R, Michelin MXX3, etc
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    For the suspension Gurus

    Hi, anybody have any data on the effective spring rates of tyres used on their GT40's or replicas? Rob