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    Toyota GT-One

    The Ultimatecarpage site features the Toyota GT-One road car with many interesting designs and detailed pictures. Just the car for a long work commute.
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    Had a look under the skin of J-5

    The Henry Ford Museum has lifted the hoods of a few cars in there collection and that was too good an opportunity for me to miss. Arriving on a Tuesday (1-27) morning just before they opened, allowed me to set up the tripod and spend as must time as I needed to capture whatever details I could...
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    New member saying hello

    Hello all - I grew up in the Dearborn area, my Dad worked for the Ford museum. As a teenager in the 60's I worked at the Ford owned Dearborn Inn which was the first airport hotel for Henry's airport - now the test track/proving grounds. My days were spent taking care of the 18 acres of grounds...