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    Car e-track tie-down recommendation

    Can someone recommend an affordable e-track car tie-down? It's for my dads christmas present for tieing down his cobra. The problem with his is that the trailer is narrow so no side access, and with the harness style its difficult to feed into the tight fenders. Thanks!
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    Who's twin turbo gt40 is this?
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    GT40 vs the Competition

    Was just curious as to how it stacks up to todays supercars on the track. Like, Corvette Vipers R8 GTR It has to be close lbs/hp for the average GT40, and lateral numbers must be in the 1.2 range I would think. Anybody have track time examples? R&T just did their lightning laps for...
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    GT40 public attention

    For the long term gt40 owners, do you find the attention gets a little too tiresome at times? It would be cool initially, but just wondering about long term. And if you actually get crowds forming. I've noticed just how much attention my dad gets with his cobra. He hasn't mentioned it but he...
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    Prospective buyer

    Hi guys! I've been browsing the forums for awhile now, and have been very interested in the MkI's. It's my all time dream car, and I've been a huge ford performance nut forever, including my family. I currently own a Raptor and Lightning, and would like to bring a car into the stable finally...
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    GT40 race car engines

    Can someone break down a few of these components? Like the upper reservoir looks like quick access oil filler. Bottom reservoir is for adjacent radiator coolant for brakes. Large sheet metal box looks to be cold air box? Is that for brakes too? I'd love a break down of all of this. Also, this...
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    Jim Clarke Jr. car?

    Can't seem to identify the name written on the roof. Does anyone have info on this car? Thanks.
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    Hi Guys!

    Been observing this site for quite awhile now, and looking the review for info on the RCR kits for a potential buy!