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    RCR70 at Knott's Saturday

    There was a very cool RCR70 at Knott's saturday. The owner was most gracious and had a funny accent like Fran :) The car was painted dark blue and orange. Many, many people thought it was an original with the plain aluminum chassis and spartan interior. A lot of people looked at the car. I...
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    Door panels

    How hard do you think it would be to make some nice leather covered door panels? Nothing wild. Just some nice padding and gathered pockets. Thanks Bill D
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    Question on ZF shift pattern

    When I got my ZF back from RBT. Lloyd wrote down the shift pattern with REVERSE left and up. But on mine its left and down. First is straight up from there. But I can only get 3 gears. Thanks for the help
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    Can't Get The Spinner Off

    Just when I think I'm over problems, a new one appears and an old one possibly. I need to remove the right rear tire. It's pin drive. But I can't get the spinner off! Complicating things is the deepness of the rim. it prevents me from getting a good strike angle. Any suggestions?
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    GT40 Driving Impressions

    My son and I washed and waxed the car today and then took it to the gas station to get gas. Since the gauges are not operative, we weren't sure how much we had. We filled both tanks and it took 3 gallons. Feeling confident, we entered the freeway and accelerated with traffic. Merging is very...
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    Going to pull the engine this weekend

    Decided to change the engine in my GT40. Found a great deal on a new technologies OHC V8, similar to a Cosworth. It would be dumb not to change over and sell the 331. Our only concern is getting motor mounts and headers for it. Here is a video of it during a break-in run...
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    Starter Problems Still

    Got the correct starter today but it doesn't fit into the hole in the block plate. The diameter of the lip in the face of the starter is larger than the diameter of the hole in the block plate. So, do I have to get a grinder up in there and open up the stupid hole? Or can I grind the lip off...
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    Two Starters - Both Failed

    Just installed a brand new starter. Good for about 5 starts. Now it's doing the same thing as the first. Just spins. I have had it with this car!!!! Now I have to figure out how the hell I'm going to push the damn thing uphill into my garage.
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    Which Starter?

    I need to replace my Ford Racing mini starter. Should I risk going with another one which is in stock at Summit and Jegs. CSR and Powermaster aren't stocked and have ship dates 3-4 weeks. Setup: ZF transaxle 157 tooth flywheel 302W
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    Help me with my starter problem

    My GT40 wouldn't start last week. The starter sounded like it was spinning or grinding. So today I took it out and hooked it up to a battery. I placed the negative terminal to the case and the positive to the small B+ lug. All the starter would do is go 'clunk'. The pinion did not spin. I...
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    Is This Normal?

    Is it normal to have so many problems with building a GT40? I seem to run into some problem at every turn? The fuel level gauges are screwed up (1 partially works the other doesn't at all) The speedo won't work We had the wrong flywheel and clutch Then we couldn't get it back into the car...
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    Carroll Shelby vs Factory Five Racing

    CS has again filed suit against FFR for trade Dress on their Coupe. Plus they a whole slew of other crap. So here is my question - Can Ford or anyone else sue the many GT40 kit makers for the same thing?
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    Need Help With Ignition Gremlins

    Last Sunday, we thought we had tuned and timed the car. Tonight I fired it up and the problems returned. It only fires on 4 cylinders. Hooked up the timing ligt and nothing on #1 sparkplug. Shut the engine down and restarted it. Now all 8 fire. Tried to set the timing to 10deg BTDC and the...
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    RCR GT40 For Sale

    Complete less engine and transaxle. Setup for ZF. $48,000 Includes headers
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    I Desperately Need Help

    We spent the better part of 3 hours trying to get my ZF back into the car without success. Short of removing the engine (which I won't do,) what else can I do? I've raised the engine up as far as possible but because of the way the chassis is designed, I can't clear the starter pocket on the...
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    Suggest a good clutch

    I need a good 11" clutch to go with my new 164-tooth aluminum flywheel. I'm using a ZF transaxle. Thanks Bill
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    Removing the transaxle

    Will I have to remove the headers and cross member to get my ZF transaxle out of the car?
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    Starter Not Engaging

    Tried to start the car today but the starter doesn't engage the ring gear on the flywheel. Here is my setup ZF transaxle Kennedy Engineered Products bellhousing Aluminum 153-tooth flywheel Ford hi-torque mini-starter I'm getting close! Bill
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    Need help with a wiring problem

    Hooked up my battery tonight and had mostly great success in testing the various components (headlights, driving lights, etc.) I do have a few problems though: 1) no horn. 2) constant hot 3) no left rear turn signal 4) left turn signal activates right rear turn signal #2 is the biggest...
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    Having Problems W/Cable Shifter! HELP!!

    ZF transaxle Cable shifter I "think" it's going into Reverse, 1st and 2nd. Can't get 3rd, 4th or 5th. Shifting is REALLY stiff. Even when it's in one of the gears I "think" I'm in, I can still turn the drive flanges. Any tips on adjustments? Thanks Bill D