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    What's the best place to look for either used SuperLite's or not completed kits/projects? Challenge- The least expensive track car (nemesis) it's a single seater I need something with two seats since I'm going to have to have an instructor co-driving until I'm cleared to drive solo...
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    nemesis / lmp2 question - EV ?

    So, I can't seem to find a pic that I saw a few days ago where the LMP (or LMP2) has the skin off and it shows the fuel tanks in the side chambers. I'm hoping it's the LMP2 but not sure it is since the Nemesis doesn't have the tanks there. So the Nemesis (non tandem) can become the LMP2...
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    sema show?

    Are any SLC/RCR cars going to be at Sema? I can't find RCR in the exhibitor list - maybe in a partner org's booth? Just Curious...