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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Do you recall where you sourced your deep type rear spinners?
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    G-50 transaxle power loss/

    I have had quite a lot of experience with 911s on a chassis dyno and the G50 5 speed gearbox losses were normally about 33 to 35 bhp or about 11 to 12%. That was measured as negative horsepower on an inertia type dyno. There is both a fixed and a proportional component to the losses of which...
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    Tips for a noob MIG welder

    Don't scrimp on the welding mask - if you can't see the weld properly it will never be good.
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    302 pistons using 289 length rods

    For that combination you need a piston with a comp height of 1.55" which is not an off the shelf height and if you must use those rods then a custom piston will be your solution (JE,Ross,Wiseco et al). This will also allow you to run the cr that you want. A cheaper solution would be to ditch the...
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    Gurney Weslake head gaskets

    Peter Knight @ Knight Racing Services has parts for these as well.
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    What would you do? - engine spec choices

    I can't recall seeing anyone offer an internal balance crank in a 347 stroker kit - That extra stroke means there is not enough counterweight available for neutral balance. 331 seems to be available though.
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    cooper piston rings

    These rings were fitted back in the day because of repeated failure of the head gaskets then fitted. This was blamed on the different materials used in head and block , the Weslake heads being one of the first instances of an aluminium head for a Ford V8. Head gasket tech has been greatly...
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Of the smaller US made lathes I would recommend Hardinge, say a DV-59 for example.
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Regarding lathe choice, I would suggest you look at older USA made machines as the quality is much better than anything out of China. The downside is the machine will probably exhibit some bed wear leading to backlash in the feeds ( ex college/school machines might avoid this). A digital read...
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Wakefield was struck off the medical register so is no longer entitled to he honorific 'Dr'. The man is a charlatan.
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    Need advice, and possibly an engine block for 302 Ford

    Save those Heavy Duty main caps if you do junk the block.
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    The F#@&ing things on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Interestingly Graviner fire detection systems were fitted by JWA to their cars in period and Graviner merged with Kidde to form Kidde Graviner later on.
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    C6FE-6090-A HEADS

    I think the repro heads had round pushrod holes like later Ford heads rather than the slotted ones.
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    Southern GT Chassis #54 Build - The What Have I Done Chronicles!!

    I thought Jenvey used a Penny & Giles tps?
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    302 teardown and rebuild UK

    For MLS head gaskets Cometec have the widest choice of compressed thicknesses ( .027 to .080 I think). FelPro or Mahle are good for the rest and you can upgrade to a Viton rear main. The rubber one piece sump and valve cover gaskets are also worthwhile as they are reusable and contain small...
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    Anyone used Avenger heads before?

    If you are prepared to fork out for the Dart block which will be a 4.125" bore (or larger if desired), then you could use an internal balance 3.25" crank for 347 cu in. That would be pretty much the sweet spot in stroker combos and, depending on your valve gear, the ability to rev above 7k rpm...
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    302 teardown and rebuild UK

    Those '69 heads are the main impediment to achieving your horsepower goal and although money/labour can fix that, perhaps it would be better to start from a better place, the obvious choice being an aly head such as the AFR 165. If you want to stay with iron heads then there are some better Ford...
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    2.0 Litre V6 Dino Engine - Transaxle Ideas ?

    I think that one (at might be 4 speed and you will definitely want the 5 speed whether ld200 or Mk9 . At 70 odd lbs they are both in keeping with the light weight of the 206.
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    2.0 Litre V6 Dino Engine - Transaxle Ideas ?

    Or this:
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    2.0 Litre V6 Dino Engine - Transaxle Ideas ?

    How about this?