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    RCR 40 build info?

    Having to change directions and going with the GT-R over the superlite due to my height. Had been reading up on the SLC on the webpage that had all the info and tips for building one. Is there a page like this for the GT-R?
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    Thank you Fran

    Just wanted to send out a public thanks to Fran. He met with my friend and I Saturday (His day off) as i had a desire to build a Superlite slc. I had some concerns though due to my height at 6'5". As promised he could get me in one, but it was very tight. However, sitting at the front of the...
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    Highest horsepower gt40?

    Anyone know who has the highest horsepower gt40? Got some questions for them. Thanks all
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    Widest wheel?

    How wide a wheel are you running? Getting some things lined out for the fastest slc in the world project :thumbsup: Trying to figure out how much body work I'm going to need to try and fit a 15" wide tire in the back. Side note: Nelson racing engines is already on board with this project...
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    Questions before jumping into a SLC

    First off, thanks fellas for reading this and answering my questions. I've read the wiki guide and it answered many questions but gave me some more as well. The point of building this car would be to win roll race events such as the Texas Invitational, and break the record for the standing...