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    Kaspa, John Steiner

    I am with a heavy heart to hear of John's passing. He was very kind, generous and an important key to my understanding of chassis design. you will be missed.
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    Modern-day Miura

    Looking good Joel !
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    power steering

    Hello all, like Jim I also chose a Volvo/Ford electric power steering pump for the CLK build. I found a used one locally that luckily came with the mounting bracket and hoses. I fabbed up a small corner for the pump to live in the front suspension cradle, ahead of the passenger footbox (LHD)...
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Ahhh.. (clears throat..) Porsche 997
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Thanks Chris for the link, great pictures there. . Hey Neil, the oem stuff was budget friendly and I enjoyed rebuilding the calipers. Replacements are in stock locally to me too.
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    The steering column has been mounted along with the AC Heater box.
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    I'm using oem Benz 13.5" front rotors with Brembo 4 pistons calipers. I redrilled them to the hub's Chevy pattern.
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    Body dimensions/ basic CAD file

    Hi Gareth, why not start with building the chassis first ?
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Thanks Terry, that's reassuring to hear. . DaveC, I'll make sure to watch that video. That 1996- 1998 era produced incredible road cars due to the homologation requirements. And over night McLaren became last year's car as Porsche and MB battled it out. I find it all incredibly interesting. -Vince
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Chassis in progress
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Here's where I am with the chassis. The rolllbar/hoop design is still being finalized.
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Hello everyone. Here's an update on the build. I've sorted the front and rear suspension crossmember frames. The front cross member was widened and now holds a late model Camaro steering rack over the Corvette C4 unit. And I've begun building the cabin but first wanted to confirm my dimensions...
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    Keith D and Daughters MK11 Scratch Build log

    Keith, good choice to go with aluminum for the body, it will be well worth it in the end. And think of all the cool new forming tools you'll need to buy! I'm going down the same road with the Merc. -Vinny
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    New Member From NY

    Hi Keith and welcome, good to have a fellow Westchester native around. Good luck with your build. -Vince
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Terry, progress has been slow, but I love every minute of it. Chris, there is a diagonal in the future for the roll hoop, and the removable x-member over the engine seems like the best solution for engine/trans removal. I wanted to double check the front width before breaking it all apart...
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    This a later version of the chassis model.
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    This past week I mounted the rack into the cradle. New ball joints are on the to-do list. Don't let the grass in the background fool you, Its been cold these past several days on the east coast.
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Happy Holidays everyone. here's an update on the CLK -GTR build. I made a few changes to the chassis design, among them were a new front suspension crossmember. I cut out the old corvette steering rack mounts to re-use, they're located in the crossmember with the jig pictured. It picks up the...
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    Make the Noise!!

    The opening take on the "Naked Gun" theme and Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln had me hooked. I'm all in on this one. -Vinny
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    Making a simple buck or mold.

    Russell, I would suggest making the full body in alloy over a wire frame buck, The car would be amazing. And you get to buy new tools. Its a win-win . -Vinny