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    Forgestar F14's

    I just wanted to post this to say that Forgestar may owe RCR a little kickback! The first place I heard about their products was on this forum when I was drooling about an SLC. Loved the look of them on an Apex too, but needed to get something I could drive now and not quite ready to take on a...
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    Competition for RCR, FFR, etc?

    The First Car You Can Build Yourself... in an Hour - Businessweek Ok, well it's not pretty, and it's probably slow, but they've got you in the build speed department!:laugh: Seems like it'd be hard to register as street legal.
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    Since it's pretty quiet around here, I've been internally debating whether I can and should jump into an eventual Apex build. I got to thinking about why any of us decide to build these vehicles. It's certainly not a necessity, if it were I would pick something already built and with more...