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    Pontiac 400 engine

    Wil a Pontiac 400 engine fit into a gt40 engine bay?
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    Chassis panels paint

    I want for my build the chassis panels black colored What is the best way Powder coat of spray paint I prefer spray pant but what kind off primer is the best for aluminum Gr Hans
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    Looking for pictures of a full rollcage

    My plan is to build a circuit gt40 and look for ideas to build a full rollcage Can not find so many on the internet Gr
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    Gt40 body

    What is the price for the cheapest gt40 body what is available It's for a trackday car circuit only Gr hans
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    Hello I have the chassis drawings already but I'm looking for a good design for front and rear uprights I want to build them with audi hubs bearings together with audi transaxle and axels
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    Gt40 body

    Where can I find the cheapest body for a gt40 and what wil be the prices It is for a track only car So fitment is not 100% important Gr hans
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    hello i,m john i want to build a ultima gtr from scratch its a lot difrend then a gt 40 but a lot of technics the same