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    LSD question.

    To clarify, if Rod's answer was in reference to my reply. There is no oil in a viscous diff. It is a sealed unit full of silicon fluid.
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    LSD question.

    What you are describing when excessive heat causes the plates to bind is what happens in a Viscous Differential. Depending on application they are built to produce that "locking" effect. Goes the same for a Viscous Coupling. Basic difference between the two is the coupling has the same viscous...
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    racecar build

    Peter, to support Michel's thoughts there is another consideration for larger spherical joints besides just strength. Larger joints give you more surface area for the spherical ball. If you happen to use teflon lined ones, which I recommend because they are preloaded. the larger ones will stay...
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    racecar build

    Frank, on you 1UZ VVTi engines are you using an aftermarket ECU to control the cam phasers? Also, could you elaborate on your "spitting shims" comment? I have not heard about that problem. Any other limitations with the early motors ? Thank you for your input. Rick
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    Which Porsche??

    Pat, since you are the type of person that wants a car that is not a cookie cutter example and also someone who wants to build it, I would suggest taking a late model Carrera (1986-1988) and back dating the look to a Longhood car (1965- 1973). That model Carrera because it has the better G50...
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    Making Brackets?

    Ask yourself the brackets you are looking to fabricate. That machine is rated at 20ga. which mean you could possibly get away with working a narrower part in 16ga. or .063". The very nature of a bracket is to support something against both static and dynamic loads. Give some thought to whether...
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    Toyota 1uz V8 throttle bodies

    Russell, I know someone that purchased the Ebay 1UZ throttle body set up. They were not too bad but did have the typical "made in China" quality / manufacturing problems. I am assuming that is the OBX ITB set that you are thinking about ? As with much of that stuff you are at the mercy of luck...
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    Torsen v. LSD

    A few bullet points on advantages of a clutch pack LSD verses a Torsen style. Clutch pack diffs are stronger, and tune-able. A nice feature especially in a Porsche is the you can configure the ramps to give you 100% lock up on decel. This is great on keeping the car straighter under heavy...
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    01e trasmission

    I have an RS Audi with an 01E built by Scott. Initially I found communication difficult when trying to set up the order and while in process. Granted he is basically a one man show and that can understandable. My transmission was completely rebuilt to the top options available. It suffers from a...
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    Scotts build thread

    Scott, great looking aluminum work there. To add to methods for cutting aluminum using wood working equipment, specifically chop saws. Use a carbide blade with a negative rake. As noted preferably a higher tooth count. But you can get by with a courser blade if you run a negative (5degs.)...
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    New Guy From Michigan

    Guys thank you for the welcome. Fran thank you for the kind words. I have a long standing problem getting started and staying focused on personal projects. With much of my shop time devoted to customer work I seldom have time for major builds of my own. I am cutting back on the larger projects...
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    New Guy From Michigan

    I joined this forum more for the car building and creative content than for the any specific marque such as a GT40. Am a bit of a Porsche fan so 917, 910 and 908 models pique my interest a bit more. As for the bio, I spent most of the 80's and early 90's as a fabricator and mechanic on IMSA GTP...