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    2015 Coyote tacho connection

    Hi, As a few cars are built now using the Coyote, I am hoping that someone has a solution to the tacho connection for a 2015> Coyote 5.0 to a Smiths tacho on a superformance (cobra) i am helping a friend with. The 2011-14 Coyote has a tacho output on the Ford controls pack however later ones...
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    016 third gear

    Hi guys, Have had the misfortune of knocking some teeth off third gear in my 016. If anyone has a damaged gearbox but with a good third gear please let me know. It is an AAZ ratio box with all the upgrades and has lasted well over the last 14 years behind a 347 windsor. As much as an...
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    Kenny Bracks in gt40 quali

    Kenny bracks qualifying in newys gt40 at goodwood revival 2013...... Awesome skills Goodwood Revival 2013: Kenny Brack in the wild Ford GT40 - YouTube Just gotta learn how to drive mine that hard in the wet!!!
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    RF for sale on Carpoint

    Used FORD ROARING FORTIES - ${State} - CarPoint Australia Just strolled across Micks car for sale on Carpoint. This is a really nice example of an RF. I hope all is well Mick and that this is not a "forced sale" particularly given the current and very sad economic climate. Best wishes
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    Speed on Tweed

    Just been looking through Natsoft results and noticed Mr John Pooley having a run in a GT40. Is this an original car or replica and did any eastern states fellows happen to attend the event or take any photos ?? Finished 101st, Car no 105, listed as a 1966 Ford GT40 4700cc
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    New EVO Video Hi Tech Gt40

    Latest video on the EVO site of the Hi Tech GT40 with 430hp Roush motor. It's a must watch. Road and Track 2007 | Track Videos | Videos | evo
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    Push rods

    Hi all, I have recently started to have issues with my 347 hydraulic roller cam motor giving a constant miss fire at idle and which continually worsens as revs rise. Nothing has changed in terms of ECU mapping and after checking all the basics (fuel, spark and compression check) have put it...
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    Chief Mechanic

    Thought I'd attach a video of my chief mechanic. She just loves the car, and, not bad for a 2 year old.. Hope this works.
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    First Drive - Audi 3.22 C&P

    Just a quick note to say I finally got the chance on the weekend to have a drive (allbeit brief) of my RF with the new 3.22 C&P fitted to my AAZ gearbox. The result is a huge difference. Much more relaxed at civilised speed limits and well worth installing. No major work was required to...
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    IDA / IDF Mounting flange

    Can anyone provide details on the bolting pattern / bolt centres for IDA and IDF carbs. ie, what is the difference? Regards, RV
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    RF GT40

    I thought now that the car has been completed for nearly 2 years that it is about time I posted a few "completed" pictures. I say completed due to finally getting the cross over exhaust I always wanted installed. Enjoy. RV
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    RF on Ebay - AU$20k

    Found on Ebay RF GT40 incomplete, Automatic transmission!! Hands up who owns this and why is it for sale? Regards, RV
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    Rear anti roll bar sizes

    Further to the subject of rear anti roll bar mounting on the RF which has been covered in an earlier thread, what size bars and lever arm lengths are people using? I am combating a reasonable amount of understeer which is occuring on the track (typically on corners of more than 90 degrees where...
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    GT40 Images

    I had this link sent by a friend this morning and thought it might be of interest. Cheers, RV
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    Mendeola Transaxles

    I was flicking through our "Local" Perth Street Car Magazine and stumbled on an interesting article relating to Hi Performance "Tatum Spyder" Dune Buggies. The one in the current mag uses a twin turbo LS1 with 900hp and coupled to a Mendeola transaxle. Have any of you guys stateside heard of /...
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    Ford GT wins race of wings against wheels

    Interesting article my father in law found today on the Ford Australia web site Regards RV
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    wierd plug fouling condition

    I am interested in comments from some of the boffins out there. My 40 has been fouling plugs in a wierd way and I can't really work out why. The front pair are perfect and progressively the plugs go a nice biscuit colour to finally a black dry foul at the rear cylinders. The colouring is...
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    RF40 QUAD CAM For Sale

    Found on the Kraftwerkz web site today. I have no connection with this vehicle but thought it would be of interest. I thought the Aus$ value would have been higher though. Regards, RV
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    IDA or IDF??

    I currently have a 4barrel throtle body / EFI setup on my 347 windsor and am loooking at changing over to a quad throttle body set up. What is the difference between the IDA's and IDF's and which should be used. Will drivability suffer much from the change over? Cheers, RV
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    Audi 3U transaxle

    Currently have an AAZ in the car and really need to change to a 3U to utilize the power & torque. (3000rpm @ 60mph in 5th gear) Any clues to a supplier? I am prepared to import if necessary as I expect it will need to come from a European supplier. Cheers, RV