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    Vent line with Victor Jr 2928

    Since my engine is tilted forward I must add extra vent lines from intake. 1. Front of radiator house 2. Not used 3. Vent line with AN4 4. Impossible to use because of headers 5. Sender to Water temperature. Will this work or sould I add extra vent line from 2,3 or 5 ?
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    Mikes scratch build

    I'm been on the this forum for some years and have had much help from people around the world so I decided to add an build log. Started to plan of building in 2008. Februari 2009 I drove to England to collect the body parts. Windshield was collected at Frank Catt.
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    Adjust gap dashboard

    How should I build a smaller gap between door and dashbord ?
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    Connection surge tank

    I have a EW115 placed at front after the radiator. Where should I connect the surge tank ? If the water pump would been placed on the engine the inlet from surge tank would have been before the pump but how should I do now ???
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    Dimension Audi transaxle

    I wonder if anyone have information about the following dimensions for Audi transaxles ? #1 Front of transaxle to center of driveaxles #2 Height from input shaft to driveaxles I have found a picture of an 016 and #1 is 7,87" and #2 is 3,47"
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    Thread size

    Could someone tell me the thread size on the senders for oilpressure, water temp on an 302 Windsor (1987) ?