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    GT40 seats

    Does anyone have gt40 seats for sale?
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    Ride Height

    Can someone describe the proper way to adjust ride height? Shock adjustment?
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    Gated shifter install

    I am completing a few loose ends before the car goes off for interior. One of those items is installing the new gated shifter. Does anyone have pictures of an install? In my existing shifter, the cable setup length is opposite the new shifter configuration. Do the cables get flipped to the...
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    Clutch Stinkage

    I have been putting a few miles on my car. Stalling problem better after adding a Dakota GPS that talks to the ECM. Still not perfected though. A bigger issue is clutch stinkage. When in first gear or in reverse, it just has that smell. Clutch works fine and gears engage well. How do I...
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    Door bulb seal

    Can you give me any help or recommendations for a narrow bulb seal for the door edge? I have a "U" channeled seal now but the bulb is too large not allowing the door to seat completely.....
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    Penski Shocks

    What pressure do you start with.. I've read 80psi minimum, 300 psi max. Nitrogen or can you use air?
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    Barrett Jackson

    I was at Barrett Jackson. Ran across a burgundy with black stripe SLC that sold for $115,000. Not too bad at all.
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    Interior Panels

    Could you give me recommendations on the best way to attach interior panels without having screw heads exposed (roof panel, a pillars and door side panels)?
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    Drive before body shop

    Taking a few drive before the trip to the body shop- Slc first drive - YouTube
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    You now have to pay a $395 subscription with photobucket to copy and paste images onto 3rd party websites such as this.... thus posting on the forum becomes a no go for me. Any other options?
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    Racelogic and gated shifter

    I am looking for a Racelogic traction control system and a gated shifter. I have been waiting on ECS tuning since November on backorder. (gated shifter). If anyone has a lead on either component, I would appreciate the referral.
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    Brake Caliper Problem

    Final touches before body shop and noticed a leak on front brakes/ leaking around banjos washer in front calipers. Removed banjo to inspect and noticed that threads in caliper were gone! Dang it. Not sure if banjo was wrong size or what. So, now what? Helicoil, or should I look for a larger...
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    Custom Seat Option?

    I have the interior tub in my car. Even with my RCR seat bottom against the floor, I am still limited on space when wearing a helmet. In my formula car, we poured a custom bead seat. Mix in the bag, sit in the car for about 30 minutes and let it mold shape to your body. remove, trim and cover...
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    NACA ducts on bonnet

    I have been watching GT races at Brands Hatch (Mercedes, Lambo, Ferrari, McClaren, Audi, etc,). Many of the cars have NACA ducts on the front bonnet oriented for "air in" not out. They don't appear to be positioned for brake ducts. Any idea what they are for?
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    Fran, Just wanted to say... i love the new look... and the option to change the style/car/color. :thumbsup: Will there be an option for SLC or Aero? Nice job.
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    Traction Control

    I have done a search without much luck... I have the LS 376 with the GM ECU hooked to a Graz. Can you give me recommendations for traction control systems that might work with this ECU/Engine combo? Also interested if it has launch control?
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    Electric Foot Pedal Adjustment

    There was a build thread that had an electric foot pedal motor etc. Does anyone recall which thread it was in?
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    Oil cooler in/out

    I saw Allan's video on Preston Brown's car. Very nice indeed. I have a question. I noticed that the inlet/outlet for the oil cooler is located on the top of the cooler. Is it a problem if those are on the bottom? Even though I have an Accusump, I am wondering about the oil from the cooler...
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    Need Passenger window

    I am starting the fitment of my windows. My passenger side is cracked and I need another one. I have the style with the opening at the bottom. Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell? PS- sorry. Meant to post in General area, not Clubhouse
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    Indy Car engine cover

    Indy cars have a foil of some type on the inside of the rear engine cover. While I believe it would be a nice look inside my SLC, would that be detrimental to heat in the engine compartment? DEI has such a product but my thinking leads me to believe that it would hold more heat?