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    Possible Suspension Arm Failure, Racing - Tornado GT40

    Guys, a some of you might know I sold my Tornado this year (pics below) to a guy here around the corner who is a professional race-driver. He owns around 12-14 vintage cars, many of them are raced by him, including 24h race on Nuerburgring. Including Porsche 911, Jaguar MKII convertible...
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    OGP 2012 on Nuerburgring

    Hi, some pics from the event but not to many this year...will make more next year :-) Enjoy :-) Any idea who's car that i. It did not have the VIN-Plate on the drivers side and I could not see any other identification sign ? Cheers (C)arlos
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    How familiar does that look to you :-)

    found that today, didn't know this car earlier.. Alessi AR-1: Nach 33 Jahren aus der Versenkung geholt - Auto-News - but let's be honest which design looks familiar to you here .. :-) at least the front...the tail is different :-)
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    Bearings & Pistons

    Guys, asking for your opinions. I made some bad experiences with Clevlite bearings and KB Pistions ( They suck) and looking for alternatives. I am not looking for the best money quality balance, I am looking for the best quality .... -> How about the original Ford bearings in a...
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    ZF about to restart spare part fabrication?

    Guys, I found an article ( in german only sorry ) where the official spokes person explained that ZF will restart the spare part production ... ZF-Getriebe S 5-20 nachgefertigt - powerslide - Historischer Motorsport I hope this is the begin of a whole production restart to make more boxes...
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    Knock On Wheels experience

    Guys, they guy that bought by Tornado is looking for some upgrades. He wants some knock on 15" wheels from vintage wheels and perhaps aluminum uprights that can carry a 6pot break caliper. My question is, who is using such a combo and how does it look on the car? Currently I don't...
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    Cylinder Head Gasket ..anyone experience with copper ?

    Guys, has anyone on the forum experience with pure copper cylinder head gaskets? I am considering to buy a set but I read different opinions about it. Main questions I have are - Is it under all circumstances necessary to put O-Rings into the block - Do you need any special material...
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    GTD Gearbox options

    Guys, because my primary GT40 has been sold it is time to start the GTD I am having on the bench since months. Currently I am looking and planing the car as much as I can because this time my budged allows me to buy all parts at once to save money and build time. The Kit I have is...
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    AVD OGP on Nuerburgring 2011....

    Hi Guys, I want to share some impressions of the AVD Vintage Car Grand Prix from this weekend with you ... Two GT40's crashed into each other :eek: but both have been able to continue the race.. :rockonsmile: You can watch this on youtube .... GT40 Crash GT40 crash on OGP 2011 -...
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    Guys, any idea about the history ??? 1972 CHEVROLET MCLAREN 580 PS 700 KG RENNMOTOR V8 6 L. bei Oldtimer (endet 31.03.11 21:31:47 MESZ) Cheers (C)arlos
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    Isis Power

    Hi guys, just wanted to do a quick check with you, if someone here has experience with a company called Isis Power. Webpage can be found under ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System - Automotive Wiring Harnesses, Car Wire Harness, Engine Wiring Harness, Auto Wiring Harness, Truck Wiring Harness...
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    UN1 cable shifting

    Hi Guys, I know some of you are looking for a solution for a smooth cable shifting with the UN1. I was looking for the last weeks how to make it and how to overcome the problems with the existing solutions....I figured out that the biggest problem comes from the cable that changes from 1-2 to...
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    Oil FilterWrap around Magnet

    Guys, while sneaking around summit website I found this FilterMAG RA365 - FilterMAG RA Series Magnets - Overview - Any experience with that ? I like the idea, but not sure it is worth the money Cheers skeleton
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    EFI experience

    Hi guys Currently I am in the planing phase for my second Gt40. One thought that came up is the fuel delivery, should it be a carb again or a aftermarket EFI this time? I have not really played with the stuff,yet and I struggle to separate marketing from reality here reading through all the...
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    Does somebody know this car

    Hi guys, while surfing the web looking for a Mark IV Kit, I found this advertisement Ford GT 40 Mk IV Replica For Sale (1967) on Car And Classic UK Does somebody know from what kit this was made of ? If I am not totally wrong, the backend seems to be a Jaguar ? Look at the brakes ! The...
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    supporting waterpump

    Hi guys, short question for all of you. Do forum members use additional waterpumps ( electrical ones) to support the flow. I think about something like shown in the picture. I would say from the volume, the pump itself is strong enough to guarantee the waterflow. Cheers (C)arlos
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    Hi, has anybody seen this 120358293144 Item on ebay? looks (to?) cheap. cheers (C)arlos
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    Tornado build log

    Hi all I guess with the arrival of the Kit it's the perfect time to start a building blog Well here we go. I picked up the parts over the weekend at the Tornado facilities and drove it back to Germany on a trailer. So here is what I have from Tornado -> Basic Kit -> Dashboard ->...
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    Want to say hi

    Hi all, I just wanted to say hi to all the people here sharing the same "infection" like me. My name is Carlos and I live in Germany close to the cologne area. I will pickup my Tornado on the 29th this week at the Tornado facilities In the meanwhile I finish the last bits and parts on...