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    Jenvey IDA Throttle bodies

    Got a set of Jenvey IDA throttle bodies mounted on a 351 (?) intake manifold complete with fuel rails. Came with a load of other stuff I purchased so really do not know a great deal about them. Believe the Jenvey’s are the TAP48i units with a 48mm bore. Think the intake is for a SBF 351...
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    Distributor clamp

    Got a small issue with clearance on the distributor locking collar. The manifold sits very close to it and there is not a lot of room. Any body come accross this before or got a solution ? Andrew
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    Fan size question

    I have a couple of spare 10" SPAL fans but only rated at 749 cfm each. I recall reading somewhere that the SBF 302 required more air than that. Does anybody know what the optimal fan preformace is ? Is 749 cfm too small, would like to try and use them if i can ? Andrew
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    Supplier feedback

    I recently purchased some parts from a USA supplier through their Ebay shop. The parts arrived eventually after nearly 3 weeks in transit, most of which was un-traceable due to a poor tracking website. Normally a week to 10 days is the norm. I also contacted them during that time to chase...
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    Swirl Pots

    After some advice on fuel system. Going for a ITB fuel injection system and want to consider a swirl pot as the car is likley to see some track use also. Layout will be, out of the two tanks using seperate low pressure pumps and filters into a swirl pot. From there to high pressure pump and...
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    Rear sump

    I am specifiying an engine to a US manufacturer. I believe i want a rear fox type sump. Is a rear sump the right thing ? Andrew
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    Help to identify gearbox

    I have an 01E which i believe is 6 speed, but not sure. aluminium box with iron centre casing. Been looking for confirmation of the type online but with no real sucsess. Numbers on it are 01E 301 103 and ARX35317 Anybody got a link to where i can find out exactly what this is and what the...
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    Ok, maybe a bit early to start the build thread but i am too excited. Order is placed and kit is due 1st June 2014. This is the long awaited realisation of a long held dream to have one of these iconic cars ever since it caprtured my heart when i was a small boy in the late 60's. So I have...
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    Hi guys

    Been here a while, but mainly just been reading and learning. Dreaming of owning a GT40 for many years, but the stars have finally drifted in to alignment now and it looks like i can now make it happen. Currently torn between two manufacturers, seen one and quite impressed, planning to have a...
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    Money burning hole in pocket !

    Hi guys ! I am new to this forum, but have been studying it for a while, so firstly many thanks for giving me so much reading material. I have always wanted a replica or kit car, but when I first got bitten by the bug some 25 years ago, the quality of the kits appeared to be quite poor, and...