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    Hi, is your fuel selector valve still available? If so, please forward picture to...

    Hi, is your fuel selector valve still available? If so, please forward picture to [email protected]
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    RCR Plexiglass

    Mark Clapp. 816-286-6982
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    T70 Spyder

    Bill Hough, [email protected]
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    Gt40 body

    Try Bill Hough........781-659-1404
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    Set of original “Wine Glass” style Halibrand GT40 wheels for sale.

    Here are what the 'real deal' BRM's look like. These are magnesium from Alan Mann cars. It took a lot of money and a lot of effort for me to get these.
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    Gelscoe steering wheel

    PM sent
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    steering wheels and misc

    PM sent on Gelscoe
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    Hello from Detroit

    I am more like 2 years! I love your seats! Who did them? I have a set of seats and the old covering, would like to get them redone.
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    GT 40 seats

    I would use Simple Green and a light brush. Try on a hidden side first to be sure it does not affect the color.
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    Hello from Detroit

    Welcome, Nino! I am a fellow Detroiter building a ERA GT40. Looks like a nice build, we will have to drive together when both of ours are completed!
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    Gulf Flares fiberglass (New)

    Flares have been sold.
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    Gulf Flares fiberglass (New)

    SOLD For sale - new Gulf flares, fiberglass. New. $300 plus shipping.[/url]2018-05-06_11-57-35 by Speedquest, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]2018-05-06_11-58-44 by Speedquest, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    Dzus ehf6 wings

    If anyone wants to sell four out of their pack please PM me.
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    Wide Body Rear Clip

    PM sent
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    Crower 8 pack intake manifold

    That goes on a small block Chevy!
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    Windshield interchange

    ERA does not belong on this list. The ERA body was pulled from an original GT40. The list above (minus the ERA)all stem from the KVA original replica.