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    What Alternator?

    do you know if these can be retrofitted with the later internals? I was reading somewhere that you can upgrade the output and function of these.
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    small video about p1008 at Goodwood 2015

    is that a 6 bolt hole version of the demister grill that I see, as opposed to the 4 bolt hole version?
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    love it
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    Do you think you car is fast? think again

    So your saying the Hyper car get the jump of the line, and then in the next shot the F1 is in front and then after 2 turns you can barely see the rest of the field, so lets say 1.5 seconds advantage over the hyper car. I'm calling BS. The Hyper cars are very good off the from a slow speed and...
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    someone on here was saying this is being restored down the road from them at the moment.
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    SPF Front Hub Retention Ring Failure

    back in about 2000, I hade a chance to look over an Audi R8 LMP car front suspension knuckle/upright. This used a similar live axle set up with the bearings retained in the upright and the hub/axle component spinning within the ID of the bearings. The center lock hub went in from the outside...
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    SPF Front Hub Retention Ring Failure

    should there be a crush tube between the inner races?
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    SPF Front Hub Retention Ring Failure

    Hi James, I don't understand how that tang works. Is it something that gets inserted after the wheel nut is torqued to spec and then bolted on to prevent the nut backing off? If so, then the wheel nut never actually reaches a point where the threads are stretched to a point where it is an...
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    TurnKey Minus Starting at 75,000 USD - PRE-ORDER

    what is this Ricardo transaxle that your talking about?
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    New Member-351W CAD modelling

    fantastic work Michel. If your around drop back in and tell us how its going. I would love to have copies of those cad files if they were available to purchase. If only to see then sitting in the GT40 chassis model that I am working on. I don't really need them as the scanned model I have and...
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    What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

    @David Deschamps looks great doesn't it. I would certainly love to see more as well. Ryan
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    What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

    Does not look like it to me. Doors are wrong. Chassis does not look right in these photos - needs to be the alloy/steel lightweight experimental chassis and should have the crossover fuel system in the cabin which its missing Wrong colors to chassis, should be blue as per the photo in the...
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    Front parrots mk2

    If its a MK II set up then they should be welded to the front radiator support frame which is welded to the Monocoque. check out the videos the Rare Drive put up of the restoration of P1046 if you want to see how it was originally done.
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    Arrangement drawings from grabcad (?)

    I have not found drawings of the roof structure. At the end of the day i will probably just make this match the bodywork that I have. We know where the top of the side sill finishes and its width. the angle will match the rear body work and it will just go up from there. If i get to that...
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    Autolite In-line

    They did an inline 3 barrel arrangement for the Transam series as well didn't they?
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    Arrangement drawings from grabcad (?)

    I have been looking at these plans for a while now and cant remember what I have and where I got them from. I have found that if I have asked for specific information about a particular panel, then I have had better luck as it helps locate the drawing that someone may have. There were some...
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    Arrangement drawings from grabcad (?)

    You have the views mixed up. The colored line drawing from Ray's cad work is a rear view, whilst the Scanned PDF is a front view. You can clearly see this in the location of the center tunnels on both drawings.