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  1. Andy Sheldon

    MK2 front wing humps

    Phil As I said above in post 4, parts in short supply are only available to Tornado owners. We are not in business to support other manufacturers who do not have or can not supply all of the required parts. We spend a considerable amount on development and tooling to be able to offer all of the...
  2. Andy Sheldon

    302/UN1 bellhousing wanted UK

    Simon We have them in stock. Thanks Andy
  3. Andy Sheldon

    Improved Gurney Weslake covers

    Yes they are available and we currently have stock. Thanks Andy
  4. Andy Sheldon

    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    Carson Please send an email to [email protected] to order. We are out of the Eagle covers at the moment but have another batch in production. We do still have a few sets of the Weslake covers in stock. Thanks Andy
  5. Andy Sheldon

    FS EU BRM Wheels and Tyres

    Frank I am not sure I would have to find out about the offsets. Thanks Andy
  6. Andy Sheldon

    FS EU BRM Wheels and Tyres

    FOR SALE. Set of 4 X BRM 6 replica wheels with tyres. 8" X 17" fronts and 10" X 17" rears in Anthracite Grey. Condition of the rims is excellent with no rim damage. Front tyres are 235/45/17 ZR and rears are 265/40/17 ZR Toyo Proxes T1-S. Lots of tread on all tyres. Wheels are 5 stud bolt on and...
  7. Andy Sheldon

    Handbrake Kit

    A new more effective high static hold rear handbrake caliper conversion kit is now available. The calipers feature a die cast body with a forged cable attachment arm and weigh just 1.5 kgs each.The kit includes a pair of rear calipers, 2 sets of high friction composite metallic pads, adapter...
  8. Andy Sheldon

    Electronic Speedo trigger Wheel.

    Now available is a new electronic speedo sensor trigger wheel. The wheel has 40 teeth which gives an improved smoother signal over the 6 CV joint cap screw heads usually used to generate a signal. The trigger wheel bolts directly to the CV joint and can be cut in half to save having to remove...
  9. Andy Sheldon

    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    We are now sold out of the Eagle covers but have another batch in production. We do still have a few sets of the Weslake covers remaining in stock. Thanks Andy
  10. Andy Sheldon


    The Tornado GT40 parking area at the Stoneleigh 2021 International Kit Car show will be located at area 59. To find area 59 enter the show ground through the main gate and follow the main road straight ahead towards the main halls. Area 59 is the fourth area on the left and the parking is...
  11. Andy Sheldon


    Nick OK see you there then. Thanks Andy
  12. Andy Sheldon


    As there is no club stand at Stoneleigh this year we have arranged to have an area for Tornado TSC GT40 owners to park their cars. If we have enough space owners of other GT40 replica cars are welcome. If you are thinking of attending with your car let me know so I have an idea of numbers and...
  13. Andy Sheldon

    Steering Wheel

    Phil I am not sure without checking. We can supply you with a plate that fits the wheel that you can bolt your hub to. Thanks Andy
  14. Andy Sheldon

    Steering Wheel

    Phil We have replica wheels and bosses available in 13" and 15" with slots and without slots. Spokes have no Logo as original. Thanks Andy
  15. Andy Sheldon

    Ceramic Exhaust Recommendations please

    Neville We have a ceramic coating option available Thanks Andy
  16. Andy Sheldon

    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    Our Gurney Weslake and Gurney Eagle rocker covers are now both available with a Matt Black finish already applied direct from the Factory. The additional cost is just £100 + VAT. The rocker cover fins and or lettering is also available already polished for an additional cost. The rocker covers...
  17. Andy Sheldon

    Tall Drivers Tornado GT40

    Chris There is 5" more legroom in a Monocoque chassis than in a spaceframe chassis which is what you sat in during your visit. A roof bubble can add up to an additional 3" in height if needed but I very much doubt you will need it. Thanks Andy
  18. Andy Sheldon

    SAE DIN Bubble Inverted Double??

    Neville Male fittings use a single flare and females use a double flare. Thanks Andy