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    Coyote engine

    As many of you know, my coyote engine in my GTR locked up on the dyno at Comp Cams when they were building the electrical harness. I sent the engine back to Ford for inspection and found the problem to be the Derale adaptor was to restrictive to feed oil to the engine. So I have it back and it...
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    Graziano question

    For those running this box, have you found a way to clean the ugly black "coating" off of the rear most cover?
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    Gold reflective heat barrier help

    Some of you have done extensive work with this heat barrier. Straight out of the box it looks wrinkled. Does anyone have any advice? Where to start, big or small pieces? I'm all ears at this point.
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    Graziano questions

    How do you plumb the throw out bearing on this gear box? And while I have you attention, what else needs to be plumbed on this box? I'm wanting to mate it to the coyote but I don't want to take it back apart if I forgot or didn't realize I needed to do something. All I can say is that this is a...
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    Dean's GT-R build thread

    It is finally here! The GTR is even better than I thought it would be. It's true, I was going with a carbon fiber body but I change my direction and I am going to build a heritage version instead. It will be a modern rendition of the infamous 1075 Gulf car. I even requested to have my vin number...
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    Easiest way to post pictures

    What is the easiest way to get pictures from my iphone to my build thread? Before I start a thread, I wanted to see if there is an easy way to transfer pictures.
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    Christmas at Dean's house!

    Well, after tremendous anticipation, my GTR project is going to land in my garage on Wednesday! I can't wait to start the build thread and I hope to post pictures for everyone to see Christmas eve. :thumbsup::pepper::pepper::pepper:
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    Gel coat shine question

    I was thinking about buffing my gel coat and just leaving it like that. How nice of a shine can you create? This is a Gulf car so it's light blue. I say that because I know some colors like black would be hard to do. Since the blue is such a light color could you get a similar shine to a clear...
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    Private track day in Tulsa 3/27

    I am going to rent the track for my son to do a few laps in his Mustang with a friend of his. I have about 9 other friends that have nice cars, some GT40's, a few cobras, maybe a Porsche and a Ferrari that will be doing laps with us. I wanted to throw this out to our group here and see if any...
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    Final, final engine question

    I know we have talked about this in the past but we had a foot of snow last night so I am limited on what I can do today! So, I am going with a coyote based engine. That can be had for $6500 everywhere. That is my starting point. It would be fast enough in the new GTR to get you in trouble...
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    Daytona coupe project

    I have an opportunity to build a Daytona Coupe and I thought I would see what the general opinions are on the type 65 replica. The car is going to be a new product line for a replica builder and he has asked me if I would want to be his test mule. It would be a good quality kit, that I'm not...
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    Over 300 SLC build pictures

    I couldn't remember if I ever posted a link to this but with so many new builds going on, I thought there might be something useful in here. Superlite Coupe SLC Photos by DeanLampe | Photobucket
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    Ole Red

    This is my favorite sweat shirt. It is hard to see how bad of condition this shirt is in. We have been through a lot together. I bought this shirt sometime around 1990. It has been put into a rag bag then pulled from certain death and put back into service during a cold day in the garage. It has...
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    My next project - opinions please!

    I am working with Fran to create new type of GT40. I wanted to build something that was a new version with a more modern look but still retain the body lines of the GT40. Sort of like the Ford GT but something that I could build. I spoke to Fran about this last spring and we have been working on...
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    With mixed feelings, it's gone.

    The guy next to me is Jon B.. He is the proud owner of the 02 car. I mentioned to a few guys I might be willing to sell and one thing lead to another, next thing you know I have a deposit an the car. Jon is a racer in the NASA series and is looking forward to a few laps at Road Atlanta. I have...
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    How high is your steering wheel?

    I'm doing a little rework on my steering and I was hoping for a few measuremnets. How high is your steering wheel? You can measure any way you can, just tell me how to replicate your measurement. Thanks!
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    Dyno tuning questions

    I'm going to the dyno at some point this winter. The bugs are sorted out with the rest of the car and it runs good in its fresh out of the crate tune but I know I'm rich and my knock sensor is jacking with my timing. What kind of improvement can I expect from the dyno tune? Can I set up the...
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    388 views and no one asked the obvious! I posted that first picture and I thought for sure someone would have notice! I guess not.
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    "settled down for a long winters nap...."

    With the tracks closed for the winter and the car safely sleeping in the garage, dreams of new comers with hopes of beating the SLC getting lapped in the cool spring air dance through the drive train. Sleep well my friend! Spring is right around the corner and we are ready! For the first...
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    Dean's In car video from Run n Gun

    The first video is just me and a friend playing around on the first day and the second video is my last and fastest session. SLC vs Spice car - YouTube Hallett fastest lap SLC Run n Gun 2012 - YouTube