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  1. delaneyp

    Detectives Needed - Clutch Mystery !

    Here's a little mystery to start off 2010 : About 6 months ago, DRB#27 developed an interesting problem with the clutch (SB mated to G50 with spring-style Porsche clutch plate). When going down a hill & stopping at a stop sign, I change down thru the gears to 3rd or 2nd, then at about...
  2. delaneyp

    2 x DRB's in Oz

    There are 2 DRB's for sale here in Oz : Used FORD GT40 REPLICA cars in Australia - Find FORD GT40 REPLICA cars for sale in Australia - CarPoint Australia If these don't cut the mustard, David Bowden (famous Oz collector) has his original on the market for around $2.5m Happy Shopping ...
  3. delaneyp

    Driveshaft Help Need - Please

    Guys, I am going to replace my old uni / sliding spline shafts with new CV based shafts. The old shafts have too much play - about 10mm movement at the tyres with the inner ends locked. Thanks to Dimi, I have a beautiful set of new CNC billet spindles with the Commodore flange & the Corvette...
  4. delaneyp

    Historic Kieft De Soto Sports Car

    I was lucky enough to be invited to witness the maiden voyage of this beautiful '50s sports car after its complete restoration here in Oz. The car was in very bad shape when bought by the British owner of the only running Kieft F1 car, & he commissioned Greg Snape to return it to its former...
  5. delaneyp

    Fleet Week in SFO

    Some really good pics for you aeronautical guys (& don't miss the YouTube links at the bottom) !! BZ's '07 San Francisco Fleetweek Photo Gallery Kind Regards, Peter D.
  6. delaneyp

    Brilliant Motor-Racing Web-Site / Pics

    A very good mate of mine (Sam Snape) is a motor-racing photographer & journalist - part time at this stage, but he is trying to get more established. I may sound a bit biased, but I think he is one of the best photographers in the game - just have a look at the following (greatly reduced...
  7. delaneyp

    Door Trim

    I was wondering if anyone has some bright ideas on how to securely fix interior door trim panels to the doors ? I would like to make the panels easliy removeable - a local upholsterer suggested those horrid little plastic "christmas tree" fittings that you see on new cars, but I reckon that a...
  8. delaneyp

    EFI Butterfly Alternatives

    Slightly out of left field, but has anyone had experience with the "sliding plate" setup for throttle control (as opposed to the conventional butterflies) ? The concept has been hovering in the back of my mind since I saw a few vintage Brabham F1 cars with this setup on the Repco engines...
  9. delaneyp

    Member Info in Posts

    Hi Ron, Sorry to be a pain, but is there any way that the software can display "Location" and "GT40 Type" in the info under the avatar ? This may be more relevant than Rep Power & number of posts ? So much info is uniquely relevant to US / UK / Oz / SA, etc, and also to the replica type. I...
  10. delaneyp

    G50 - How Much Lash Is OK ?

    I am wondering if any of our experts can give me an opinion on a couple of issues with my G50 : a) How much lash is "normal" in a G50. With the car jacked up, the wheels at ride height & in gear, I can move one wheel about 20mm (at the tyre surface) before the other wheel moves. Using my...
  11. delaneyp

    Goodwood Report

    A mate of mine is a motor racing photographer & journalist (with a delightful sense of humour), & has been trekking to Goodwood for years. He always sends a few stories to friends & I thought you might enjoy his "before & after" reports of the recent event : No 1 - Anticipation ...
  12. delaneyp

    Ford GT Spyder

    Hi Guys, A friend of mine is looking for some info on a modified Ford GT "Spyder" - I remember seeing a short video clip of one quite a while ago (I think it was yellow), but can not find it at all now. If anyone can help with a link, it would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Peter D.
  13. delaneyp

    G50 Drive Shaft Spacers/Adapters

    Does anyone know if the current spacer/adapters are still 3/4" thick ? Mine were probably made around 1998 or so & are 3/4". The reason that I ask is that mine do not appear thick enough - with the suspension dropped, I can not quite get the shafts to extend far enough to mate correctly with...
  14. delaneyp

    Vanwall Reborn - How Nice Is This ?

    A recreation of the Vanwall, with V12 Jag, V8 or 6Cyl engine options, and road legal in the UK - all for under UK50k ! Just gorgeous - worth a look ! Kind Regards, Peter D.
  15. delaneyp

    Vanwall Roborn - How Nice Is This ?

    A recreation of the Vanwall, with V12 Jag, V8 or 6Cyl engine options, and road legal in the UK - all for under UK50k ! Just gorgeous - worth a look ! Kind Regards, Peter D.
  16. delaneyp

    Wheel Spacers - Good, Bad or Dangerous ?

    I am looking at the options available to move my wheels a little further out so as to "fill the guards" better. Around 3/4" at the rear & 1/2" at the front would do the job. At the rear, I seem to have 4 choices : - Get Simmons to rebuild the wheels with a 3/4" change in the off-set (huge $)...
  17. delaneyp

    Cars for Sale - What's Going On ?

    Cars for Sale - What\'s Going On ? I wasn't sure where to post this as it covers multiple topics, so maybe here is a good start ? Here in Oz, I noticed some ads in our latest Unique Cars magazine : a) RF GT40 - "Coupe 2005. Blue. Automatic. 1 kms. Roaring Forties GT40 Replica. Rolling...
  18. delaneyp

    Which Water Pump ?

    Hi guys, I had a bit of vibration kick in above 4000rpm the other day, so got to looking - water pump pulley was wobbling 1/2 to 1mm at idle, but pulled into line with a few extra revs. Pulled out the seats & engine panel, grabbed the pulley & sure enough - free play - clunk, clunk ! I...
  19. delaneyp

    T70 Replica in Oz - Registered ?

    I have heard a rumour that we have a registered T70 here in Sydney, OZ. Does anyone have any clues ? Kind Regards, Peter D.
  20. delaneyp

    AVO Shocks - Rose Joint Replacement ?

    Having finally got sick of the clunks & rattles from the rear end, I pulled the car off the road & got serious. Firstly, I found I had a lot of end-play in the half-shaft uni joints - they were cheap Taiwanese no-names & you could see quite a few thou difference in height when you stand one of...