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  1. gt40rick

    Original pattern monocoque chassis and accurate body for 43K usd

    I don't know why the Bot didn't find this gem... 7 hours left... Ebay Original pattern monocoque chassis and accurate body for 43K usd. If I had seen this a couple of years ago I would have bought it! FORD GT40 MONOCOQUE CHASSIS | eBay Attached Thumbnails Hi to all.-s-l1600-jpg
  2. gt40rick

    Rick's RCR GT40

    I sold my GTD GT40 in 2005 because I wanted to retire in Mexico. That retirement was short lived since my wife was not happy living in Mexico. I returned to Houston where I am the director of maintenance for UTLX Manufacturing. Of all the cars that I have had I regret selling my GT40 so...
  3. gt40rick

    Gone for 10 years... Getting into a RCR40

    I left GT40' about 10 years ago when I sold my GTD GT40 and retired from Ford Mo.Co. to retire in Mexico. We started out traveling the U.S.A. for about 6 months and during this time we decided that we would not be able to retire since we did not know what to do with our spare time. We moved...
  4. gt40rick

    How quick are you?

    Go to this link and see how good your hand/eye/finger coordination is. bleacheatingfreaks After about 20min my best time was 5.431sec.
  5. gt40rick

    My GTD is for sale

    For Sale 1995 GTD GT-40 S/N GTD40P21390 This car was built with attention to detail and to perform equally well in city traffic or going all out on the track. This car will keep you cool in 95° stop and go city traffic without over heating and will turn 11.7's @ 125mph in the 1/4mi. The only...
  6. gt40rick

    How do I remove the plastic from sheetmetal.

    I am putting new stainless steel panels on the front and underside of my GTD (the ali ones don't look nice without a LOT of work). My problem is that the sheets of stainless steel must have been sitting around for some time and the plastic film that was put on to protect the finish refuses to...