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    Removable rearfront clip custome hinges

    Allows you to remove front and back clips with out adjustment. John
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    Rear nostrials

    bought these many years 15 ago in my gt40 days. These were from original molds Best reasonable cleaning out old stock from the past. John
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    Front /Back reclip assembly

    These are hinges that enable you to remove the front and rear clip without unbolting the hinge from the body. These were made from a custom shop in AUS. I forgot who they were but these were for a second build that was not completed, all stainless very nice. make offer.
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    Original Rear deck intake air rams

    Purchase them14 years ago And was going to put install on my Rf109. but sold the car/ Very nice $250.00
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    Mark I II origianal cooling rear intakes

    Make a offer. I pick these up years ago at a auction. These are very nice.see attached pics. Best offer call for questions,,,708-328-1033
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    Bosch Electronic flasher help

    My car is almost sold but have to replace this part before it goes. I cannot find it on the web or a importer dealer that knows of this part for the Turn signal flasher. On the part it is stamped Bosch P1230 Super Electronic Flasher. I called the company and have no luck. Does anyone have any...
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    Uploading Youtube vids

    I spent 3 hours to upload clips for folks to see my car for sale and this is what I got. I copied and pasted below the note from youtube Help! I have a MAC if that gives any in-site. The MOV/MP4 file you uploaded must be prepared for internet streaming, and set as Fast Start. Get more...
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    Jackass in ILLinois

    I would like to formally apologize to Dr Scott. I talked with seller of scotts new RCR GT40. I posted in hast due to the fact that I saw that he owned another KVA. I figured he was just another tire kicker that wasted my time. I was wrong and fully retract my foolish statements to DR. Scott...
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    JACKASS Member In Wisconsin Beware

    GT40 Member cscott67 from Wisconsin called me interesest in buying my car. I took the car out of storage,prepped and cleaned it. He came down I took him for a short ride and he told me that he was very interested and that he had to move money around to buy my car. He wanted to drive it and or...
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    Lost Money

    10 month's ago I bought a item Via internet /not E-bay and gave a $1500.00 deposit on a credit card. It has been too long to stop payment from the credit card. The seller never came through with the item. The seller has a legitimate custom car business, house and assets. So what can I do to...
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    Turn signal trouble shouting

    Ok I just took my car out of storage and the turn signal did not work. The switch is good! and the fuse. When I his the switch left/right nothing happens.. not even the light indicator. The only thing I can't check is the flasher switch. If this fails will no lights light up as well when out put...
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    Mental Performance ?

    Is this company still around? I cant locate them..Anyone know..? J
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    Help with Reg IL.

    Ok! My car is sold but the buyer can't get a loan without the Title. So he asked me to get it titled so he can get a loan. I read all the registration Info from IL, and I'm little confused. I had the car inspected by NSRA and passed with no problem. So what next? 1. Do I take the NSRA form...
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    Roaring Forties GT40 RF 109 *SOLD*

    Unfortunatly I have to sell my Car due to personal reasons. This sale is going to kill me. But who ever get this car will be truly satisfied. This is car was factory built in 2001. It was featured in car magazines and brochers for the company.Only driven on tour event and parades. For those...
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    Ford dart engine w/original Webers for sale

    NEW Never run Ford Dart 331 With ORIGINAL COBRA manifold and rebuilt Itailian Webers Original Webers and intake were $5,000.00. alone. I have over 20,000.00 invested This engine has the best of everthing. $15,000 OBO
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    ZF Transaxle ForSale

    I sold my Lola to a gentlman who is installing a hewland. So now I have a extra Rebuilt ZF-2 5 speed transaxle with all the upgrades. The ZF has been totally rebuilt in the Reverse configuration for the GT40/Lola. It has 0 miles on the rebuild with standard gearing, I have the same gearing setup...
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    Lola 3B Spyder Replica For sale

    Im selling due to very slow business. Full space frame with original recasted uprights. Full 4 wildwood calipers NEW Original magnesium lola 3B style rims on GOODYEAR RACE Tires Stanless braided brake lines Alum. Radiator Plexiglass window and door trim MotoLita leather steering wheel...
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    Guages Roaring Forties upgraded hinges

    2 speedo's 1 Km,has 494 miles on it 1 MPH speedo brand new! 1 oil temp 1 water tempThe Hinges are from a company in Aus. I have the same set in my 40 and ar a must. I have this extra pair that I bought for the Lola but decided to use original style hinges. $100.00 speedo SW $50.00 oil SW...
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    Why does this happen while filling gas..?

    Ever since I got my 40, every time I fill up with petrol I have to SLOOOWLY trickle the gas nosil so the gas goes down without bubbling up and kicking the safty fill. This happens on both sides. I takes forever to fill up wth a few gallons. I checked the vents and are clear. Atrhough I don't...
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    RF GT40 Mark 1 For Sale

    Selling my My Rf Factory built one of a kind in the USA. This is the only factory built car from AUS in the USA. It is the only RF with a ZF transaxle in the USA. The only other ZF Transaxle RF is in AUS! This Car has 4,800.00 miles. The engine is a brand new Dart ALUM. 327 block AFR heads and...