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  1. YerDugliness

    Want to stop a telemarketer from calling? Here’s how

    Once you’ve identified the call as coming from a telemarketer make a note of their phone number on your caller ID...then sit down and start calling that number. As soon as it’s answered hang up. Keep doing that until the telemarketer realizes that you’re never going to answer. It may take 10 or...
  2. YerDugliness

    Coyote bundle of snakes exhaust?

    Folks, it seems to me that builds using the coyote motor do not use the Bundle-of-snakes exhaust there a good reason for this? Just curious...has anyone seen (or better yet...heard?) a coyote equipped with the BOS style exhaust? Cheers from YerDugliness!!!
  3. YerDugliness

    Mid-engined ‘Vette

    News sources are reporting that the new Chevrolet Corvette will be mid engined... Zero to 60mph in under 3 seconds. Pretty good looking, too. Cheers! Doug
  4. YerDugliness

    An option if you miss the political discussions we had in the Paddock.

    I participate in a variety of forums, and recently discovered one which has a forum for “Controversial topics”. If you, like me, are by now firmly convinced that the long rumored establishment of “The Pub”, which was suppose to be a place where we could discuss those topics, is never going to...
  5. YerDugliness

    Looks like H&M MkIIs have approval for European racing

    This info copied from the H&M website today (1/18/2018): | Holman & Moody Mark II | "Now with FIA Chassis type approval our new Mark IIs are being sold with FIA vintage passports for racing in Europe." That oughta start a new brawl! Nothing said about Mark Is... Cheers! Doug
  6. YerDugliness

    "He knew what he was signing up for" and other gaffes by our POTUS

    Well, even though nobody I know has ever described our POTUS as empathetic or even sympathetic, he reached a new "low" when he, in an effort to display his reverence for our fallen soldiers, called the wife of one of them to express his country's sympathy. That would have been all great and...
  7. YerDugliness

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

    This day is my favorite day of the's all about family and the blessings we enjoy. I truly wish everyone a joyful day creating family the end, family is the most important thing we have. Cheers to all my GT40's friends! Doug
  8. YerDugliness

    Bob Dylan awarded the Nobel Prize for literature

    I just heard yesterday that Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. I am so happy that the Nobel Committee decided to recognize one of America's premier lyricists...Dylan had a way with words ( favorite Dylan lyric??? It MUST be Jim Craik's signature line, a lyric line...
  9. YerDugliness

    Where is that CD on tuning Webers?

    I remember a couple of years ago one of our members put a lot of info re:tuning webers on a CD and it was available for purchase from that member. I am now trying to help a member of a different forum with information regarding tuning webers and would like to refer him to the member who produced...
  10. YerDugliness

    Police brutality and murders.

    Well, police have now murdered two more black men in the last two days...fully videoed with cell phones. I have expressed concern for a long time that our police departments are performing more and more in a military manner, and that includes a belief that they need to shoot to kill. I...
  11. YerDugliness

    RIP "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince"

    I heard during lunch that "Prince" has died. He was one you either liked, or you didn't, not much in between. Despite the impressions he may have left, his musical prowess cannot be disputed. We have lost another great one....hopefully we're inspiring more great ones, but I doubt there...
  12. YerDugliness

    Should we wish Enzo Ferrari happy birthday?

    Enzo was born on this date in 1898... His refusal to sell out to Ford was the event that spurred Ford to pursue his defeat, so perhaps we do owe him a debt of gratitude. He also produced many of the most beautiful cars ever made, and his namesake company continues to occupy a highly...
  13. YerDugliness

    Boehner is HISTORY!!!

    Well, fellow American politicos, there may be a glimmer of hope for some improvement in our country's intensely polarized political situation. Speaker of the House John Boehner has announced his resignation!!! IMHO Boehner has been the main architect of the gridlock that has paralyzed our...
  14. YerDugliness

    "Call me Caitlyn?"

    I have a better name, and it, too, starts with a "C"....CRAZY!!! OK, so I've spent my career working in the overall field of mental health, which includes my field of specialization within public education. As a mental health specialist for Texas Department of Criminal Justice I was exposed to...
  15. YerDugliness

    The origins of "PC"...may surprise you!

    It appears that Political Correctness has been around much longer than I realized...we've all read the definition, but it was a surprise to me to find out where it originated. The following is from a "Joke a Day" email one of my friends sends every day, but is purported to be legit: "An...
  16. YerDugliness

    "Get out of here, you low life scum!"

    Well, I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but not on the quote with which I have titled this thread. Apparently there was some sort of legislative event in which Henry Kissinger was involved, as an honoree (I think), and some protesters took that opportunity to present their views that Kissinger...
  17. YerDugliness

    Exhaust question, just curious.

    I notice nobody is using a "Bundle of Snakes" exhaust on the SLCs. Just curious why not? Not enough room? Not the best choice for the LS series engines I see most of y'all using? LS firing order not right for that design? I know there has to be a simple reason...just have not seen the...
  18. YerDugliness

    Isis threat...your thoughts?

    Well, the heathens are at it again :thumbsdown: This time they beheaded a British aid worker... Many say these idiots are not Muslims, that no Muslim would endorse or commit such heinous acts. My thought is that they probably ARE Muslims, as are most in that region of the world, but that they...
  19. YerDugliness

    Happy Birthday to Ron Earp!

    ...and wishes for many more!!! CHEERS!! Doug
  20. YerDugliness

    Valuable victory for the environmentalists

    OK, so it didn't exactly fit into the Global warming thread...started this thread because I'm sure there are members here who will have opinions regarding our Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Not long ago the EPA required states to make sure that the pollution created by coal-fired power...