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  1. Pantera1889

    Superformance GT40 MKII For Sale

    Great choice!
  2. Pantera1889

    Joining the Family

    Kurt, Welcome. Great choice on the Stanceparts lift system. Mine works amazingly well! Ron
  3. Pantera1889

    New SLC

    Congratulations! Car looks great! Where are you located?
  4. Pantera1889

    Fat Larry's GTR Build

    Larry, Weren't you using Adam at Revolution Automotive for tuning? I can't think of a better person to ask about this issue than him. Just a thought. Ron
  5. Pantera1889

    Superformance GT40 MKII For Sale

    Kirby has an awesome red/black DeTomaso Pantera for a race car! Ron
  6. Pantera1889

    H Craft GT-R

    Larry, There are several baffles inside the tank. Ron
  7. Pantera1889

    GT40 For Weekend Cruiser

    Larry, That is absolutely not true. You just have to know who to ask. I bought my first Pantera in 1999 and still LOVE it!! I owned a GT40 and a Pantera at the same time . I think the GT40 is the coolest car ever but I still own the Pantera. GT40 is gone. Ron
  8. Pantera1889

    Looking for some help with my project

    What part of Maryland are you in and what is the project?? Ron
  9. Pantera1889

    Superformance GT40 - Assorted Parts See Inside

    I will take the wiper parts. Ron
  10. Pantera1889

    Coyote Intake / May have found my solution!

    You can also install a factory (2011-2014) intake on the later (2015-2017 ) engine in the reverse position.
  11. Pantera1889

    Wheel hubs - paint or not?

    A light coat of SEM Trim Black will do the trick perfectly.
  12. Pantera1889

    New KOSO gauge

    This is also true with the Ford Control Pack harness. I am using the AEM CD-7 dash and when the dash is connected , the OBD2 plug is inoperable. Ron
  13. Pantera1889

    Montana Tag News

    Dan, How did they arrive at the valuation of the car ? Was that based on their information or documents provided by you ? Ron
  14. Pantera1889

    GT-R #14

    Thanks to everyone for the positive comments. I am very happy with the car so far. ( Even though I ripped the left side mirror off backing it out of the trailer at the Dyno shop!! ) Larry, Adam at Revolution Automotive did the tuning for me and I couldn't be happier!
  15. Pantera1889

    GT-R #14

    I finally got the car to the dyno yesterday. I was very pleased with the results 524whp and 419rwtq
  16. Pantera1889

    H Craft GT-R

    The pics are all right here. Ron
  17. Pantera1889

    Question about brakes: leading caliper or trailing caliper......

    Quite a few modern race cars are mounting the caliper in the 6 o'clock position to keep the weight as low as possible. Ron
  18. Pantera1889

    Rick's RCR GT40

    Why are you always YELLING at everyone?? Is your caps lock key broken or are you just really really angry? Just asking..
  19. Pantera1889

    GT-R #14

    Here are a few pics I took this morning.
  20. Pantera1889

    GT-R #14

    These are the mirrors that were supplied with the car from the factory. I frenched them into the body so that they sit flush . They really work amazingly well. ( and I think they look cool also) Ron