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    Lola video charity ride

    A bit quite on here thought I would post this Facebook video one of the guys stuck a GoPro on the back when I took somebody out for a charity ride we raised over £60000 for children in need over the weekend.
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    bent G50 diff sideplate

    managed to bend the diff sideplate on my G50-03 has anybody else had this issue? The engine produces 520lb 500bhp seldom use 1st gear and try to be careful putting the power down quaife lsd fitted. Does anybody in the UK supply an upgraded plate?
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    classic fuel injection

    Picked up this early Kinsler injection thought I might convert to EFI and strap it on the T70 current 48 IDF's can't supply enough fuel over 5900rpm
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    T70 spyder wide rear

    I bought a damaged rear body panel supposedly off a genuine car but it is considerably wider than my original Mk 111 rear end probably 3 inches per side. It flares out beyond the sills I would think the rear of the sills would be widened to use it. Is anybody aware of a car which used a wider...
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    a few pictures

    As its quite in the T70 lounge thought I would add a few pictures of my car on our visit to classic Lemans
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    Rebuild pretty much finished at last

    Thought it was about time i posted a few pictures of my rebuild. The car is an original 1967 T70 mk3 bodyshell with a space frame chassis road registered as a 1971 T70 special. It has a 406 SBC pushing out close to 500bhp @ 520Lbs torque using a G50 gearbox, rear uprights are Ultima front TVR...
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    ZL1 canam block help

    Hi guys I have a very early ZL1 alloy block which judging by the research i have done is an experimental block supplied to a canam team. I wondered if anybody might have further info on the block or be able to interpret the markings in the pictures I think the 155/ 06 mark might identify the...
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    KVA parts

    Hi if any one is interested i have listed some KVA suspension parts on Ebay Rear uprights wishbones & brackets ebay number 190204947634 KVA GT40 kitcar rear uprights wishbones etc on eBay, also, Kit Car Parts, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 15-Mar-08 16:23:38 GMT) Pair of...
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    Rear suspension advice

    Hi I am rebuilding my T70 replica replacing the gearbox/rear suspension. This means re-designing the lower rear suspension it is currently reverse a arm with a trailing arm. I have changed the rear uprights to alloy Ultima uprights which means i can no longer mount the trailing arm to the...
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    fitting G50 LSD

    Hi I have a G50 gearbox out of a 2 wheel drive 964 1990 and have been offered the LSD out of a 4 wheel drive 1990 G50 box does anybody know if the 4wd LSD is a straight swap into the 2wd gearbox?
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    T70 spider doors

    Hi guys thought these pictures of my 1967 T70 doors might be of interest, the passenger side is almost twice as wide as the drivers i guess they didn't expect to carry many!! I think some of the earlier cars are different perhaps the thicker door and wider side screen helped aerodynamics.
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    G50 conversion flywheel info

    i have converted my car to a G5002 box i have the adaptor plate and clutch (C2 clutch kit) but need to get a flywheel made, a local company can do this no problem but i am missing one dimension! The porsche flywheel has a step from the friction face to the clutch cover mountings which i need to...
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    KVA GT40 rear suspension

    I have a few sets of KVA GT40 rear uprights (2 styles) available un-used and also a set of rear wishbones for the KVA now surplus to requirements contact me for more details and prices.
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    UN1 Transaxle package ready to drop in and go

    Renault UN1 rebuilt by Mach 1 transmissions with right hand gear change conversion, includes ford drive shaft adaptors covered less than 400 milesince rebuild. Centerline alloy bell housing and adaptor plate to mount to SBC which could be adapted to other engines as the engine plate bolts to...