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    Hacking an IDA 'Weber', turning it into EFI

    I think i'll be in approximately 3000-3500 in the end. The intake casting is about 800, the webers approximately 1000 from china. The injector bosses approxmately 300. The throttle kit approx 400. The shaft seals were 50-ish if I remember correctly. Then there's the plethora of small items (AN...
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    Weber intake setup for 351w

    Like your setup, any kind of idea what kind of price these things sell for?
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    GT40 replica build South Africa

    I know of at least 1 KCC in South Africa that was upgraded to full trailing arm suspension (rear) but that requires a lot of fabrication skill and effort. Not impossible, but lots of work. Basically building half a scratch chassis.
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    Rubber thingy..

    That turned out really nice.. I love Delrin as well, just dont have the right tools in the shed to machine it as a Pro.. but even DIY tools work great.
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    New CAV owner

    Welcome Rick, I also purchased a pre-100 CAV (#22) quite recently. Busy revamping a lot of things, and finding quite a few items that could be dangerous if not addressed. (Fuel bladders, broken rose joints, wheel bearing play etc.) Reach out to me if you want through PM, and we can discuss...
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    Very well done Kurt, hats of to that level of detailed engineering.. I'm thinking of changing my CAV pedal assy too, and Tilton is one of the options on the table. The throttle cable is one of the problem areas for me, at least on paper.. this is a great idea!
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    Rubber thingy..

    You can probably buy a bar of delrin (or equivalent) and make a set yourself if you can't source it from Andy/Ian. Delrin is beautiful stuff to machine,drill etc.
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    ***SOLD*** GT40 MK 1 For Sale ***SOLD***

    great looking car.. love that color. Just some tips of info to add to aid with a sale: Location, pricing, make/model. (looks like a CAV, correct?)
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    Tornado TS40 'evolution'

    I've watched a few of your videos, before I realised you're on here as well :-) Recognized the big white stripe on the side first. Good going, fun to document for others to watch.
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    Dan's Build

    YES! very happy to see some daring graphics on this car. It really pops, congrats for this daring move.. now paint and clearcoat :-D
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    Dan, Kyle, what you call 'automotive grade' probably is simple TXL wiring and not really automotive grade at all for this kind of car/build. You can google for Tefzel wire, which is the preferred motorsport high performance wiring. Very flexible, very thin, and zink coated copper strand for...
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    CAV GT40

    They do look fantastic! From the chassis I notice that its actually quite an older CAV (A/C evap radiator on the side pod). Was this a strip-rebuild of an older car, or just an old chassis kit that was waiting to be built up?
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    FS EU gtd 40 rebuild

    Same: sent you an email just now David (dampers/springs only)
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    Drive shafts

    looks like a quality company, but will cost you an arm and a leg for set of driveshafts me guesses?
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    Electronic turn signals

    I'm planning on trying out the Motogadget Power distribution module. A programmable logic board, with software interface. Also houses built in fuses, relays etc. Very small and useful for a dasboard module, simplifies wiring greatly...
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    Tornado GT40 Handbrake Wilwood MC4 Calipers

    I still think the e-brake by hispec is the most suitable for an original that needs e-brakes. Just one small button to hide somewhere, should be easy to install like that.
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    Spax shocks needed.

    I contacted SPAX recently, and they can still supply you one I think. Otherwise try CAV directly? Also know a lot of people went other brands on the CAV, just have a set made up?
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    FS USA Fast fuel injection.

    Its not a Fast, indeed. Looks like a ProEFI 48 ECU The FAST Fuel rails and throttle body were used, which can be bought of the shelf. Looks like combined with an Edelbrock EFI intake (I used same on a 302w)...
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    Engine management systems

    x3: There is no such thing as 'self learning' of an ECU. You need feedback from a Dyno (best) or seat of pants (2nd best) to tune, and datalogging for refining the tune. Especially spark timing tuning there is no substitute for a Dyno. There are several ECU's that can blend TPS based (Alpha-n)...
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    Southern GT Chassis #54 Build - The What Have I Done Chronicles!!

    From a sensor point of view yes, but on the ECU side no. The voltage output of the sensor being received by the ECU is senstitive to noise or ripples in the 5V line. I'm just saying that if you have a tighter TPS voltage output, your ECU will see a more stable and tighter TPS position. On the...