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    ISIS-Infinity 07/16 Tech. Update

    This may be old news but I just found a link that adds some detail with hotlinks within the article to areas that may be unaddressed or fuzzy in description elsewhere:
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    SLC 1/2 Mile Event

    Here's the old SLC doing the 1/2 mile wanngofast event. 178 mph. I'd imagine they are still shaking things out since it was it's 1st event. Video link:
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    GT-R Build - Dean's

    For those that may not have caught this - looks like the build log will be residing on the gt40-build-logs Tab: Looks exciting..
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    Superlite Coupe - SLC - for sale - Virginia

    Hey guys - I wanted to let you know I have posted my car for sale in the "gt40s" for sale section. I am quite happy with the car and all the looks and attention, but it's just time to look for another adventure/toy. I change cars about every 3-4 years it seems - must be my ADD. If you know of...
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    Superlite Coupe - SLC - Street Tail - $85,500 **SOLD**

    This Street Tail SLC has clear title, licensed, registered & driven on the street. This car has NEVER been tracked or abused. I am the original owner. Listed for sale with an asking price of: $85,500 USD (No trades) Since the "rollers" are fairly "standard" I'll list some of the...
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    PCV Air/Oil Separators

    Just thought to post & show the results of the separator and what it grabs from your PCV line prior to entering your intake. One of those things that makes you wonder why the engine manufactures don't use them? This collection was after about 500-600 miles.
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    Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge Friday, July 18

    I forgot all about this -- anybody going to VIR?
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    Unique Car Show-VA

    I was just checking the local website for car shows this weekend. Here's one you don't see too often: July 13 - 10AM-3PM --9th Annual Cool Car Show. Display your Classic, Custom, Rod, Kit car or Special Interest car, Truck or Bike in a unique setting. Trailer-trash also welcome. No entry...
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    Shock Spring Rates and/or Length Changes

    A lot of recent activity on springs lately got me thinking about my tire to body rub slight issue (outer/upper tire edge) and figured a new thread on this topic may help to condense this info versus piggy-backing within someone's build thread. My body inner wheel lips appear cut back...
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    G96.50 Trans-axle Fluid

    The info I've found on this trans states it takes about 3.8L of fluid. The question is: Since we flip the trans from it's normal orientation, should our fluid fill capacity change or stay the same. I don't have the trans in front of me to see if the side fill level hole is higher or lower when...
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    Wheel Camber Settings

    I apologize if this has been covered before but I couldn't find it: I was double checking on a flat surface today my wheel camber. I used a digital level and came up with the following readings in degrees: left front: –1 degree ////// right front: –1.4 degree left rear: –1.2 degree /////...
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    Koso Water/Coolant Sensor

    Thought this might help someone else - The ECM coolant temp. sensor goes into the drivers side forward engine head near the exhaust manifold port. There is a similar plugged port on the passenger side at the rear of the head. I found a direct fit Koso sensor that can be used for the KOSO dash...
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    Battery Drain Protection

    Anybody using this or something similar. Looks like a cost effective-simple way to protect the battery from draining down on power and getting stuck somewhere. Priority Start 12 Volt Pro Max Battery Power Saver - Lingenfelter Performance found here cheaper: Priority Start...
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    My car is street driven and was having the engine stall about 70% of the time when cruising in a mid to upper gear when pushing in the clutch. I also was having some slight bucking issues when creeping along at lower speeds – such as driving in traffic let’s say. I have the GM perf. LS376...
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    Classic Gold Cup Historic Races at VIR

    I'm thinking on going down to watch the Gold Cup at VIR this Saturday. Anybody else going. I'll be hanging out with the Olthoff Racing gang. Sharkey
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    Car Show Pics

    I went to a local car show today -- some really cool cars were present:
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    Cutting hole/shape in Back Window

    I have hand-held jig saws, dremel, roto-zip tools etc. I'm thinking of tackling the installation, over this weekend, of my naca ducts into the rear lexan "curved" window. Has anybody had success with any of the above tools or others. Don't get many 2nd chances on this type of project. Thx, Mike
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    SLC Street Tail Car Cover

    Has anybody found a car cover that will fit a street tail slc. Without goggling the dims on the latest corvettes - maybe vipers... the general shape of those cars leads me to believe there may some stock covers that cross over to the SLC. I'm frugal and not willing to have a custom - one off...
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    Rear Suspension Ride Height

    Hey guys here's my question (see picture-arrows), I'm used to adjusting ride height by the turn shock collars. The coupe has an adjustable strut bar also connected to the bottom of the shock bell. Can someone explain the differences in adjusting one or the other, caveats and/or purpose of that...
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    KOSO RX2N - Gas Gauge Question

    SLC 2012 build date/gas tank level gauge. The KOSO asks to set the OHM fuel resistance setting to either 100 or 510. Anybody know which setting is the correct one. One might ask well does the digital bar gas gauge screen either work or not. It's not that simple for the gauge seems to either...