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    Activepower gt40 C5 rear suspension points?

    Hey lucky Active power gt40 owner/builders, I've been eyeing up your rear chassis C5 suspensions as I need direction with my Manta rear C5 conversion. It looks to me like the lower and upper control arm mounting points are both mounted level front to rear . Am I seeing things or is that...
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    Manta Montage Suspension Swap

    I finally have the Manta up on the frame bench to start the suspension swap. Powertrain plans are LS3>G86-20. Rear suspension sourced is C5 and front suspension plans are for C4. The rear structure will be removed and a new rear clip built to accommodate the C5 parts. I am considering...
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    Hi from Western Canada

    Been having a "mid-engine crisis" for a while and, as a life long builder, needed the new challenge. Kinda tough to get a new mid-engine project in this country thx to our DOT but recently located an unfinished Manta Montage T V6 project in great condition collecting dust locally. A complete...