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    1985 Toleman F1

    This car hasn't seen a race track in a long time, and likely never will again. Stripped of its engine & tranny guts (though the block & housing are still there), it has become a work of art on the wall of my neighbor's house. The car has no chassis tag, but we believe it to be TG185-03...
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    Hot Lap Miller Motorsports Park East Track

    Hopefully this works. I've just put this up, so the video is not availabel yet as I type this. The full track is four and a hlaf miles long, but they can break it into two tracks (called the east and west tracks) of approximately 2.2 miles each. This is the east track. I'm driving a Ford...
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    Uploading videos

    I tried to upload a 9.6 MB mpg video and it's telling me it failed. No reason identified. The file shouldn't be too big - it says it will take them up to 19.07 MB... What am I doing wrong???
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    Heroes of Speed @ Miller Motorsports Park

    Vintage races at the new Miller Motorsports Park in Utah August 3-5, 2006 I must say I was disappointed by the turnout - both from participants as well as spectators. Maybe I've been spoiled by the Monterey Historics over the years. This was the first vintage event at this track (and a...
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    Enzo scratched

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    4th of July Parade video

    This is just goofy...
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    ALMS Miller Motorsports Park

    The ALMS guys came to Utah last weekend for the first automotive spectator event at the new track. Here are some photos. It's a pretty spectator-friendly track, as all of these photos were taken from normal spectator viewing positions (no press/photo credentials required). First, some...
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    Roberta Nichols

    Just got news that my aunt Roberta passed away . She worked for Ford for a number of years doing funny fuels research.
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    Just bought an original MkII GT

    Cortina, that is...
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    Miller Motorsports Park

    Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in of--topic, but since the guy owns 4 originals GT40s and 11 Cobras (including one of the 7 Daytona Coupes), there's at least some GT40 connection... Larry H. Miller, who is probably best known to you as the owner of the Utah Jazz basketball team, is...
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    Digging out

    It's on days like this that I wish I'd never left California...
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    What kind of critter is this?

    This guy showed up in my squirrel trap this morning, and I have no idea what he is so took some pics before I let him go. Looks kind of like a giant kangaroo rat or something. Anybody know?
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    Stolen car

    Since SAAC has posted the information on their website, I guess it's OK for me to let you guys know why I haven't posted anything for several weeks. My car (along with the trailer it was in & the Bronco pulling it) was stolen from the parking lot of the Ypsilanti Marriott sometime overnight...
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    Timing a Weber-based engine

    Here is what I am being told regarding setting timing on my engine (289 w/4x44IDF Weber carbs & no vacuum advance): Weber-based engines like a lot of initial timing, and of course every engine is different so you don't just set it to a fixed reading with a timing light. The suggested...
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    Barron's ad

    Barron\'s ad I'm running behind in my reading, so just noticed this. There's a 4-page (!) ad for the Ford GT in the May 17th issue of Barron's. It's in the Technology Week section. Pages T8 and T9 show a red streak across the center of the page, causing the text (stock quotes) on the page to...
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    SAAC-29 Michigan July 2-3-4

    It's been mentioned in a few posts, but seems like it should have its own. Who is going?
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    Steve Toner's CAV GT

    Steve Toner\'s CAV GT It will have stripes some day...
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    New Gallery Section

    Am I the only one who can't post or reply in the new Gallery section? Everything's grayed-out. I'm guessing I'm not the only one, as I would have expected a little more activity in there...
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    New SAE Book

    The Ford GT: New Vehicle Engineering and Technical History of the GT-40 Currently listed as "Out of Stock" but should be available for pre-order (publication date is February 2004 - hey, that's like right now) "The seven original SAE papers from the 1960's contained in this book provide a...
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    SAAC Las Vegas

    February 13, 14, 15. Details are here . Hoping to have my car on the track for this event. It seems a little late to be making hotel reservations, however. I don't know if it's just because it's Valentine's Day weekend, or if htere is something else going on in Vegas at that time, but it's...