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    Front suspension and steering Drawings

    Looking for help I want to rebuild the steering and suspension on my GT40 . Has anyone got proper drawings of it that I could fabricate it from
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    CV Boots

    Question for Anyone who is running a Porsch G50 52 transaxle. What CV Boots are you using ? The original boots that came with the CV Jionts disintegrated so I need to replace them . Was thinking of trying CV 863s
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    Window Hardware

    Can anyone recommend the best Place to get the side window hardware from Thanks
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    Porsch transaxle oil leaking from outlet plug

    Need some help sorting and oil leak from the transaxle I have just finished my build running a g50 52 porsch transaxle as it's upside down there is trans oil leaking out of the drain plug which is now on the top any suggestions as to why and how I can fix it. Thanks
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    Pull clutch on windsor motorl

    I have a Porsche G50 52 trans axle up to a Windsor 347 small block I'm using a pull clutch after start up and approx 50 clutch cycles the main bearing wore severely . I have been told the clutch pressure is to much ? is anyone using the same combo? Any help would be appreciated
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    Help with motor to clutch setup

    I have Ford 347 twin turbo motor driving a Porsche g50 / 52 transaxle since i am now using a pull clutch what effect will that have on the engine as they normally run a push clutch Anyone out there running the same combo?
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    Transaxle chioce

    I am repowing my GT40 with a Twin Turbo 347 windsor which i will run at around 700 hp . I have removed my existing Audi transaxle and need to replace it with a stronger one . I am looking at the Porsche G50/52 at the moment but I would apreciate any help from anyone who has sugestions on the...