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    Mating an LS to a Graziano, where have I seen this before?

    A fun episode just because most of us have or are going through this very process. It’s a lot easier to shove this combo into an SLC or GTR than it is a Lamborghini!
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    Anyone got $420k laying around?

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    Anyone have a booster pack?

    I purchased one of these NOCO GB70 units with the idea I could carry it around with me in the SLC in case I needed a little extra juice to jump start the car...
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    Carbon fiber rear scoop

    Hey guys, thought I would post it here since it would get more visibility than in the For Sale section - mods please feel free to move/moderate as appropriate. I made 2 extra carbon fiber skinned rear scoops just to get the practice in. They're up for sale at $500 + actual shipping. I'll use...
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    Weird LS startup issue - fuel or electrical?

    Hey guys - So I have the new FiTech surge tank/pump installed but I’m having startup issues, not sure if it’s all fuel related or if there’s something electrical going on too. First issue - fuel pressure fails to stay at 60psi after my pumps prime. Cycle the ignition, pumps prime to 60psi...
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    Squeaky brakes

    Wondering if anyone else is dealing with loud brakes and what you’ve done about it. I have the 4 piston Brembo setup on my car and running the included brake pads. During normal driving the brakes squeal pretty terribly with light to moderate braking pressure. Heavy braking and it’s silent...
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    Another SLC hits the streets

    It seems like it's customary for builders to put together a completion announcement and I haven't done so yet. So ... here's mine! SLC Chassis #269 is officially complete. I came across the SLC while watching a YouTube video and was intrigued. What followed next was months of obsessive...
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    Bear claw - 1 click or 2?

    In Allan's video of his bear claw installation he states the mechanism only latches until the first click. Is there a reason why it won't engage to the second click? I'm getting ready to locate and install my striker pin and want to be sure I don't install it in the wrong place if there's...
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    IPCW LED taillight users - backup bulb and harness?

    Hey guys - what backup bulb and connector are you using to get your reverse light functioning? I’m talking about these ones: IPCW(R) - Dodge Dakota 2010 Black/Red LED Tail Lights Thanks, Cam
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    Underbody coatings

    What have folks used to coat the undersides of their bodies? I’m looking to try and quiet down any rock or wind generated noise. Same stuff for the wheel well liners and general bodywork? Or different based on location? Thanks, Cam
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    Slc carbon fiber fender vents

    I have a set of carbon fiber fender vents I’ve decided not to install. My glassing skills aren’t up to the challenge and I would just butcher these so letting it go to someone who has more skills than me. Site lists this as $395, save yourself 10% and get mine for $360, shipped to contiguous US.
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    Infinity system from SLC

    I have an infinity wiring system from my slc I decided not to use. It’s complete apart from a key fob which I’ll be receiving once they’re back in stock, so I’ll send this to the buyer once available. Price is $1100 OBO, I’m located in La Mesa, CA.
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    Carbon wing - what setting are people using?

    The wiki states to set the wing at 0 degs and tune from there - but I’d like to get feedback from folks who have this wing and have used it, either in the street or on the track. What are you guys running and what usage type/speeds are you taking the car to? I know Frank has this wing but...
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    Seat and seat belt retention methods

    Getting close to mounting my seat! Wondering what folks have done to mount seats and harnesses while still maintaining as much ground clearance as possible. What type of fasteners/plates/brackets etc are appropriate? Photos would be especially helpful if anyone has any handy. Appreciate the...
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    Fuel fill hose

    Does anyone have a part number and source handy for the fuel filler hose connecting the tank to fuel door? Thanks!
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    Chicago area SLCs?

    I'm in town visiting this week and thought I'd ping the community to see if there are any builders in the area. If you've got a car and some time I'd love to drop by for a few! Shoot me a PM!
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    Thoughts on fuel tank temperature?

    I'm working on installing the fuel tank and fuel system. I had planned to install a closeout panel behind the tank, between it and the engine. I then started thinking about what kind of temperatures the tank goes through. With the engine right next to it, does the tank heat soak? Ultimately...
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    Front brake pad observations

    Hey guys - started to reassemble my front calipers today and noted a few odd things about the pads. The ears on my pads appear to have been ground down, is this a brembo or RCR modification? Also noticed that I don't need have a metal backing plate between the pad and pistons. The rear pads...
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    Rear upright disassembly

    Before I go tearing things apart that I shouldn't, can someone confirm for me the proper order for removing the rear hubs from the upright assemblies? There's a large nut attached to the spindle, I assume this comes off first then the hub assembly can be removed by loosening the 4 attaching...
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    SLC in San Diego?

    When my car was being delivered the driver stated he had dropped another SLC off in the area around summer 2016. Is that anyone on the board? Would love to come visit with you to see how the build is going and to compare notes, shoot me a PM!