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    er, I think the author needs counsel!

    Clickbait <Noun> internet content whose sole purpose is to attract attention & increase traffic to a website to raise revenue.
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    Can someone pull together some historical (this site) loose ends

    Aye, Robin built a place other side of the river to the farm known as ‘Forty Towers’. Foundations included a large cellar for his plonk. A 351 if I remember right, white with blue stripe. Maybe an engineer by trade? Ken, Mike & Robin pictured on cover of Aptil / May 1997 edition of the magazine...
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    Can someone pull together some historical (this site) loose ends

    I knew Mike Osborne editor of GT40 club (UK). He built a Tornado (BRG with yellow stripe) & moved to a farm in France with Ken Saunders c.1999. Vague recollection of a family connection with Canada but memory is foggy. No contact for years.
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    Fuel filter GTD

    Also worth checking / renewing the ‘O’ rings?
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    1057 for sale
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    Cartek GT Battery Isolator

    I have inherited the same... large push button external on driver's B pillar & small push button on the dashboard which is illuminated in the centre with a red dot when live. Works great.
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    Safety wire

    Hi Scott, I've read all the threads, videos etc available on wheel spinners & safety wire, not found a definitive explanation to date of which way a spinner thread should go & consider safety wiring only as a 'safety net'. So I did some homework.... Physics suggests a male spinner should try...
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    Safety wire

    Still not found any plausible explanation for a ‘tight arse’ direction for a male spinner. ‘Physics’ suggest the contrary...
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    Safety wire

    Ditto, but after drawing blood when cleaning wheels now folding the final twist flat behind the spinner ear out the way. My high school physics suggests the internal angle of the ‘Y’ should not exceed 120 degrees to avoid multiplication of tensile forces on the single strand.
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    Make the Noise!!

    You have a lot to answer for... took a sneak peek last night at episode 1 & 17 episodes later realised it was gone 2am :0S
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    Road Tax...

    Yes, I queried the relevance of CO2... “None, classed as PLG”.
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    Road Tax...

    After 3 laps of the DVLA telephone push button merry-go-round... as of this morning a 347 ('E') registered 2009 = £265-00 (12 months).
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    GT40 replica prices
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    GT40 replica prices

    Andrew, message sent :0)
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    GT40 replica prices

    Cheers Ian
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    GT40 replica prices

    Hi, a newbie looking for some advice in connection with the GT40 replica mentioned above. Apologies for a thread drift... hoping Simon may be able to help shed some light? I had a quick look at the car last weekend & seems in good shape (... sounds great). Some homework online ties in with...