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    Mcqueen 'LeMans' Documentary

    I gave this a view over the weekend and found it very interesting. Produced in 2015, I wasn't aware of the back story while making this movie which is recalled by various people who were there, such as the film crew as well as the racing crew. (Bell and Piper incl). . It was available for...
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    SU Carburetor Sign

    This is a new 6 foot x 2 foot advertising banner for SU Carburetors. There are 6 brass grommets installed around the edge for hanging in your garage or home shop. Note this uses the rare English spelling of 'CARBURETTERS' . Very unique display item that will add a vintage look where ever it...
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Hello to everyone here. I'm laying out my chassis for my scratch build Mercedes CLK-GTR Tribute street car and need advice on tube sizes as I want it to be strong but not too over built. I plan on using round tube for what will make up the 2 main roll bar hoops at the windshield A-pillar and...
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    New York car enthusiast here

    Hello to all members here, I joined a while back and this hello is long overdue. I was content to sit on the sidelines and admire the amazing work happening in both the GT40 build sections and the Wheels and Keels areas. I am about to begin planning my 3rd home built car (non-GT40) and will be...