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    ***SOLD Active Power Cars GT40 (Project) SOLD***

    Hey everyone, I really don’t want to sell my project but I’m moving to the Outer Banks and there are no garages there. I will have no room for a car no less a project. I’m at work now and just decided to sell. I’ll update tonight with details, but here’s a quick snapshot: Active chassis with...
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    Does anyone have an extra windshield that they’d like to sell. I’m in no hurry, not planning on getting back into the build until fall, but my next step if fitting body parts and the windshield is the first step. Thanks
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    Saw this on another site, pretty funny.
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    Body Fitment

    I’m going to start this thread because as I finally have my body, the fitment and body work is going to be a long term project. First of all, I’m not building a kit. I have a chassis and aluminum panels from Active Power Cars and that’s about it from Chris, I’m building everything else out of...
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    Where does everyone live?

    I live in Westchester New York. It would be terrific if there was a GT40 near me that I could take a look at and get some build tips. But I have no idea. There could be a car in the next town over and I wouldn’t know. I bet a lot of us have neighboring towns that could have a 40 in the...
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    Body Location Cones

    Does anyone know what these silver body guides are actually called and where can I find them?
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    GT40 Windshield

    The car I’m building is going to be a track car only. Does anyone know if they used plastic opposed to glass for racing, and if so, does anyone know where I can get a plastic windshield?
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    GT40 MKII Measurements Please

    Can someone with an MKII take some measurements for me please? I mounted my front clamshell this morning, but I need a little help with the rear. Can you please measure from the top of the rocker at the rear to the ground and at the very base of the rear clamshell to the ground. I’m trying to...
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    Coyote Fuel System

    The more I read, the more confused I get. There are so many discussions about fuel systems; in line pumps, in tank pumps, high volume pumps, low volume pumps, regulators, return systems, non return systems, swirl tanks, no swirl tanks, 6 port selector valves...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Can...
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    My Have Found A Coyote Intake Solution

    I have been struggling with how to use my “drive by wire” accelerator pedal and not have to use a stock coyote intake. The stock intake looks terrible and doesn’t even resemble old school gt40; but that’s not as important as developing an air intake that doesn’t have to go into the driver...
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    Was there ever a Sunoco GT40?

    I’m beginning to think about color schemes on my project and I saw a video of an MKII in Sunoco blue with yellow accents that I really liked. I’ve been trying to research this car and there is nothing on this site or google. Does anyone know anything about this car? Did it race at LeMans and...
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    MKII inner panels

    I just picked up an MKII body that needs work. The clamshells have no inner panels. Does anyone have pictures of the underside of a rear clamshell for an MKII? Would be much appreciated. The more detail the better. Thanks Steve
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    Show us your GT40!

    I’m surprised that this thread doesn’t exist on this site, but I searched and there isn’t one. You could go through all of the build logs, but there isn’t a spot for you to post your car. I would love to see all of your cars. Please post them! Steve
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    Superformance Center Console and E-Brake

    I bought this off of a forum member and never installed it. It’s used but in like new condition. I believe it’s for a right hand drive where the e-brake is in the center. Mine is a left hand drive and my shifter doesn’t work with this console. It’s alcantera. I paid $125.00 and that’s what I’m...
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    Coyote Intake / May have found my solution!

    So I’m building my gt40 with a 2015 Gen 2 Coyote engine. Like all 40 engines, I have to turn it around which leaves intake challenges especially with a coyote. Holley makes a unique intake for the coyote and an accompanying efi that could be the answer to my challenge. My question is, does...
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    Coyote Knock Sensor Harness

    When I bought my coils and wiring harness, it was missing the knock sensor harness (jumper) and I can’t find it anywhere. There are part numbers for the part (14A411, 14B485), but the part doesn’t exist in any ford parts store or catalog. Can anyone help me? From what I understand, it comes...
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    There are a set of doors on eBay that the tops were cut off. I wonder how difficult it would be to recreate what has been removed. Any thoughts?
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    Looking for an affordable body. No longer looking

    Does anyone have a damaged or extra front and rear clamshell laying around your garage? It can be damaged or in need of repair. I don’t want anything new right now, I’m seeing what I can find that I can work on. Most of my cash has gone to the engine, chassis and suspension. I’d prefer an...
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    Turn signal switch

    What is everyone using for a turn signal switch in their 40’s? All I have is a shaft for a steering column so I have no where to mount a switch. Curious what everyone has?