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    Just when i thought all hope was lost

    I've found a job... only took about 6 months :)
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    Things to see and do in Seattle.

    Hi Guys We're planning on going to Seattle this weekend.... any advise on places to visit while we're there???
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    Oh my god!!

    Just got an offer on our house.... and it loos like we'll be Canada (B.C) bound at the end of september:worried2: We'll be living in Abbotsford (the city in the country) for at least the 1st 6 months and hopefully be buying a place soon after that.... quickly followed by a GT40 kit.... well...
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    GT40 kit or not???

    Hi just a little question. I'm an active member of the Toyota GT4 owners club... and one guy as posted pics up of a GT40 that he saw at squires.... does anyone recognise it??? here's the link: • View topic - Automotive porn at Squires
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    Hi all As some may know / remember me and my wench have been planning a move across the pond to Canada... British Columbia to be precise. Well after going to Vancouver and thoroughly loving every minute... well apart from navigating my way through the mother of all 4 way stops in Abbotsford (3...
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    Not now Kato!!!

    Oh my god, oh my god!! Well as some people on here will know / remember, me and the northern wench are planning to move to B.C. Canada... well lets put it this way ....... we've moved on from the planning stage!! She went over the B.C. to do some exams (to change her qualifications over) and...
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    Special 40's

    I love the GT40 everything about it... but i think for me the best thing is the shape every curve, i can't find an angle on it i don't like. What makes the GT40 special for you?
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    Engine Builders Canada.

    I've had a look around on the net and i'm not finding many... are there any good ones in Canada?? The other choices obviously are to either by from a U.S company... but then if i get a problem with a lump that's still under warranty then that could be difficult.... or the last option is to...
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    Canadian kit car laws

    I've been hearing of problems of getting Kit Cars into and on the road in Canada. I'm wondering if anyone knows: 1. If the laws for this are the same all over Canada i.e are there differences between say Ontario and British Columbia? 2. How to register a kit car in British Columbia. 3. What...
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    Hi from England

    Hi all... I'm not yet the proud owner of a GT40 unfortunately, but i have plans to get a kit to build when i have settled in Canada, as we ARE :) getting a house with a nice big double garage, which i plan to completely take over. I'm a bit in the dark though.. i want to get a pretty straight...