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    Morning All from rainy England

    Same for Lotus Cortina`s I believe
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    GTD wheel width

    It all depends on offset of wheels as 12inch rims can fit under standard arches sometimes.
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    Front uprights

    I supplied The original uprights that Richard Guest modified to make patterns for the castings that John Wisher used to make his uprights. Out of the deal I received a pair of blank castings which I haven`t been able to get machined yet. The castings I supplied were Gardner Douglas like the...
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    Wire vs Halibrand Wheels

    With the Halibrand wheels it looks like a race car but with wires it looks like a nice road car. Both are great but what look do you prefer?
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    Problem with "rear gulf arches"

    I have 6 inch outer rims to fill my Gulf arches and wouldnt use anything less if I changed wheels because of the deep dished look on the Gulf cars
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    Ford GT40 Anthology - due 20th October 2021

    Hi Graham apologies if I`ve already said this but could you put me down for a signed copy if its not too late please? Thanks very much
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    302 pistons using 289 length rods

    I want pistons to suit my engine but not sure where to get them. I`m using standard stroke 302 with 289 length rods ( Boss302 crank and rods ) that I`ve had for years and want to use. I will be using Victor Junior type heads so flat top pistons are what I need I think? Does anyone know where I`m...
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    Water proof GT40?

    No drips or runs, that`s waterproof to me. I`m sure it wouldn`t be as dry as James Bond`s Lotus if it was completely submerged but good enough for me.
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    Water proof GT40?

    I should add that I still got wet when I opened the door to get out but was bone dry up to that point.
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    Water proof GT40?

    My 40 was watertight. It never leaked anyway which I believe is unusual?
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Gill and I had our first one around 3 weeks ago and it was the Oxford one. Paul Bailey rang me back in January to say he had his second jab?
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    UN1 CWP upgrade

    I don`t know if its been mentioned but the gearbox casing has been known to flex slightly allowing bearings to move as far as I can remember.. I wouldn`t really put lots of power through one. I`d use a Porsche box instead, given the choice.
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    Dave Morton

    Sorry to hear about Dave, I was talking to him only recently too
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    Rubber thingy..

    Because I built mine before many manufacturers existed I used rubber cones that worked well enough for me, cheers Kev
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    UN1 rod change query

    I did what Mike suggested on mine but it was in the 1980s and I`ve forgotten tube sizes I used etc. Cheers Kev
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    UN1 rod change query

    A tube is much better and much lighter. I can`t remember the diameter I used but there are plenty of guys on here that can help you, I`m sure.
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    Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

    Its definitely no hoax because a friend of mine who works in A&E caught it. She`s OK now but none of us needs it its no joke
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    2018/2019 VIR Pics & RCR Lola build.

    Love the workshop and the cars
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    Mounting UN1 upside down

    Not sure what happened their but back to breathers and I lost a lot of oil originally so I opened a channel to the bellhousing in a similar way to how Renault did it and its been fine ever since Mine then goes to a catch tank which drains back into the box just to be sure. I did have it piped to...
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    Mounting UN1 upside down

    Hi guys, sorry for lack of replies/contact but I struggle with computers at the best of times and I have been busy with other stuff as well. I just wanted to mention the breather in the gearbox as it is potentially frustrating to sort out. I originally had it in the wrong position and although...