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    Rolex 24 party Sat Jan 26 in Massachusetts

    I'd like to extend this invitation to any members who want to get together at Mark's marvelous multilevel mid-century manse in Lancaster, Massachusetts to hang out, watch the start of the Rolex 24 at Daytona (race starts at 2:30), eat some food, drink some beer, and maybe oggle or, God...
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    Bin Laden dead

    Good riddance, asshole!
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    2012 Boss 302 Mustang

    Best. Mustang. Evar. THE BOSS IS BACK: 2012 FORD MUSTANG BOSS 302 BRINGS ROAD RACING LEGEND BACK TO THE STREETS | Ford Motor Company Newsroom Ford is building some really nice vehicles lately. I believe this car will be the pinnacle of production Mustang performance. I want one.
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    Thermal Energy Storage, or why I've been scarce around here lately

    Eight Years Wasted I lost my job a few weeks ago. First time in my life that's ever happened. Looking back on it, despite some good times in the earlier days, that job was a nearly complete waste of eight years of my life. My salary increased an average of less than 1% per year since I...
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    Rubber moulding for rear clip to spyder

    OK, I've used the search function and looked at 38 pages of threads in this sub-forum but haven't found what I'm looking for. I'm finalizing body prep and tweaking my panel gaps starting with the rear clip and working forward. Without using any sort of moulding, the horizontal surface at the...
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    Christmas Tree Fire Safety

    I stumbbled into this document on my company's Health & Safety intranet. I haven't tried it yet, but it is from a reputable source and sounds like a great idea. Enjoy, and stay safe. Using the Fireproofing Solution for your Christmas Tree Once you get home with your new tree, get a saw...
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    WTS: GT40 thermal insulation

    Gentlemen, I have for sale the thermal insulation blanket that was included in my Roaring Forties kit. I am selling it because I have surpluss cool-n-quiet left over and I'm going to use that. This blanket is a good fit in the underside of the rear bodywork of my RF GT40 Mk-1. As you can...
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    Interior finish of Gurney bubble

    Hi guys. I'm looking for ideas and experiences with finishing the interior half of a Gurney bubble. Since mine is a street car, I can;t really leave it in its current configuration - see pictures. I opted to fasten it to the roof with (6-32) screws, because I like that look on the original...
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    Functional horn button on quick-release steering wheel

    Hi guys. I posted a few weeks ago about getting a quick release for my 9-bolt Moto Lita wheel. I ended up buying a nice spline-drive, ring-release quick-release hub from Winters performance and it only cost me about $65. A friend with access to a lathe has offered to fabricate an adapter from...
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    Quick release for a Moto-Lita steering wheel

    Hi guys. I did some searching and couldn't find quite what I was looking for, although this post came close - particularly the useful information provided by Andrew Fordyce: OEM Steering Wheels I have decided that my car will have a quick-release steering wheel as a safety feature to...
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    I-Squared wiring systems

    I Squared Engineering - Programmable automobile power management, programmable power controllers, modular wiring harness assemblies, 1+1 power controllers, fuse block solutions, battery management solutions, wiring accessories, rf based power managem This looks to be a much better, and less...
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    Automated PayPal subscription payments?

    Well, this was a bit of a surprise... I had promised to pony up for a Premier Membership when Ron fixed the search function, which he appears to have done. So I went to my PayPal account and discovered that $20 had been transmitted via PayPal today. Funny thing is, I didn't know about this...
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    Problems with search engine again?

    I know I've discussed 01E transaxles a lot, but when I went to do a search the term "01E" along with my user name the search function only returned two results, both recent threads. This leads me to believe there is another indexing problem with the search function.
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    New Boss 302 crate engine and block

    Wow, good news. It looks like Ford Racing Parts is releasing a new Boss 302 block which will form the basis for Ford's new crate engines, including a 500 hp Boss. Click the link for specs. Ford Racing Performance Parts [The Boss is Back] Here's the press release: The block weighs...
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    New England GT40 builders' gathering

    My wife is taking the kids to Orlando (may God have mercy on her kind soul) on Saturday morning, September 30, so I'm going to have a blissful weekend as a bachelor. Rather than dancing around in my underwear and calling hookers that weekend, I was planning on going full bore on my GT40 build...
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    AFS sanding blocks group purchase discount

    I saw some really cool sanding blocks at the PPG paint class I attended last week. They are flexible, comfortable, come in a variety of sizes, and the flexibility is adjustable by adding or removing rods from internal chases within the closed-cell urethane foam body of the sanding block. They...
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    The definitive PPG Deltron Paint thread

    I just got back from a two-day paint training session that I helped organize. The class was held at PPG's South Windsor, Connecticut training facility and was attended by 8 car nuts, including three GT40 builders and the owner of an ERA GT. It was two full days which included a fair amount of...
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    Surface grinding a new flywheel

    I was advised by a knowledgeable GT40 enthusiast that I should have my new RF flywheel surface ground prior to fitting it to my engine. I was told that it makes for a better clutch engagement and a longer lasting clutch. That was all fine until I called my local machine shop, who wants to...
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    Body prep and paint training event

    I've decided I'm going to paint my GT40 and I want to get some training on paint prep and application. It's been about 27 years since I've sprayed a car and to say I'm a little rusty is an understatement. Both Dupont and PPG put on training classes that are geared toward auto-body technicians...