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    SLC 1/2 Mile Event

    Cam yes - that's my old car. The car did not have the full door panels, just light luan with veneer covers over the interior door handle area/opening. I noted that right side door (and left to a smaller degree) lifting also. I noted a slight lifting when I owned it, but it was slight. And then...
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    SLC 1/2 Mile Event

    SLC at speed....
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    First Start

    Side exhaust sounds badass. Loose fan belt..... 1st start is a great moment.
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    SLC first start

    John - I had the hushpower mufflers on mine, I liked them and they allowed me not loose hearing (ear damage) and don't rob HP. That gauge cluster you have - I like, wish I knew about that back when. Tillet's look good, fit in the car and if they fit your body - you'll like them. I didn't know...
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    Fast times at VIR

    Yep -- the hammer hits squarely on the head
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    Pete B's Build Thread

    Pete, What tires (never mind... I just checked your pics and see they are Nitto's) are you running with and air pressure? I was surprised to hear squealing tires. Have you had your alignment done and camber checked.
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    Pete - good for you. A lot of damn work for something that shouldn't exist....
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    KOSO fuel sender

    Link 2 wire: Link 3 wire: A piece of leftover metal trash/debris, if bridging the centroid inner spaced "tubes", will also effect it's operation - the inner tubes must not touch each other. Just something...
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    KOSO fuel sender

    It happened to me -- I caused it though. I inadvertently changed the KOSO setting in the fuel setup program. Try the 100 ohm setting not the 510. It just toggles back and forth so it's easier to leave it on the wrong setting. -- Give it a whirl. Swapped Send and Neg wires would make a high-end...
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    A couple of Graz questions

    Check the three? engine grounds and that they are properly secured, battery grounded securely etc. -- Ground issues seem to be the 1st stop on that engine no start roller coaster ride
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    Mid-engine vette?

    The SLC looks so much better in person than pictures - maybe the vette will also.... The real question for me is - what will they do to the tail end?
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    S2's Build Thread

    Nice find on that website - wish I knew about it several years ago. Saved!
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    Weird ISIS problem

    System voltage the cuff that doesn't look right - I know enough to be dangerous though. ISIS doesn't play well if not seeing proper/enough voltage. Battery check/alternator check etc. The infinity system does drain down a battery - but you use a battery cut-off device.
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    ISIS-Infinity 07/16 Tech. Update

    This may be old news but I just found a link that adds some detail with hotlinks within the article to areas that may be unaddressed or fuzzy in description elsewhere:
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    PCV plumbing

    Here's a generic picture. If you are not running a catch can - just ignore it. The intake manifold will be flipped 180* also from picture.
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    2016 Holley LS Fest- who is going?

    I am a maybe - it will likely be a last minute decision.
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    Rumbles SLC Build

    AJ - I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but I think it's this: 3rd brake light issue: Frt. marker Lmp: 48 LED Super Light Red replacement light
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    Fuel Sender Unit - What Ohm Range

    I believe Superlite buys Centroid senders - E100/F0 sender.
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    That time just after you decide but before you know what you want

    I do not know if the frame/susp/body has changed since this post : - but this info may be beneficial. The factory (Fran) should be able to tell you when they need the tires.
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    Mark B's Build Thread

    I think you will find your currently installed radiator cooling fans to be inadequate. Most of us have/had upgraded to more powerful (CFM) fans.