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    GT40 Chassis numbers that received similar specs as the 1969 Le Mans winner?

    All, While researching 1061 after Rob shared with us his wonderful 1051 tribute order from SPF I found this paragraph on the RM Sothebys site: "Stilwell had John Horsman, a key figure involved in the development of the GT40 and former Gulf-Wyer chief engineer and team manager, handle the car’s...
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    SPF 50th Anniversary Edition

    Anyone seen this? Looks like SPF is producing a "toolroom" version of their replica.
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    Superformance Builders

    Anyone know who is building SPF cars these days? I am not buying soon, just interested in how builds are getting done. - I believe V's who is afiliated with Hillbanks out west - I assume Olthoff is still building - I saw Ron used one of Oltoff's old crew members, Paul Anyone else who is...
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    Wheel Bearing Adjustment Tool

    I have a wheel bearing adjustment tool laying around my garage but no SPF to use it on... would be happy to get it to someone that could use it. It is new and never used. If interested just cover shipping and I will send it to you. Thanks Kevin
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    My SPF at SEMA

    It is sitting outside the complex, had some pictures sent to me and thought I would share. Kevin
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    Recover Seats with Origional Material

    Not sure about this but has anyone recovered their seats with more vintage looking material? I have been thinking about making mine look a little more authentic, not sure what material to use or how to get them recovered. Ideas? In addition, has anyone removed the center section where the...
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    Superformance Owners Reunion

    Anyone going to this? Superformance Owners Association - SUPERFEST 2013 I would like to go but will be on my annual bike trip so unfortunately am out. Otherwise looks like a fun event.
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    Interesting Company

    Good publicity for the GT40 with an interesting set of "peers" (I would not put a GT40 up against a Zonda but whatever) 6 ultra-rare supercars from around the world - Koenigsegg Agera R (1) - CNNMoney I thought some of the comments were hilarious, e.g.: 1) "The GT40 is an amazing car...
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    Interesting new car concept from Murry

    McLaren F1 Developer Designs New Auto Driving 100 MPH on 96 MPG - Bloomberg I actually think this is pretty cool. Good to see a person continue to push the boundaries and identify new ways to solve problems. That and since he build the F1 I have more respect for the car... ok, that last part...
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    Dual Nostril

    Looking for a dual nostril to do some surgery on, paint color does not matter. Will be used on an SPF. Thanks Kevin
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    Trip to Germany and Switzerland

    All, My father and I are heading to Switzerland and France in July to ride (bicycle) the alps and see the Tour de France. It will be seven days of biking in what I hope will be a very pretty area. On the front end of the trip we are considering flying into Frankfurt and spending a few days in...
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    Insulation Overkill?

    I am working to make my SPF a little more livable in the summer by cutting down on the heat and a bit of the noise. Yes, I recognize this will add weight, I am okay with that. That said, I am now concerned I may have gone overboard... I have now: - Koolmat - Second Skin Damplifier Pro -...
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    Chassis Number?

    Trying to get the car titled but cannot find the stamped chassis number on my car. The VIN plate is there but the stamp supposed to be on the floor of the front of the car, near the left suspension mount is not there. Any idea where to look? The state wants a picture of the chassis number...
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    Alcantara wrapped steering wheel?

    Anyone know where to get one? I would like to get a 13 or 14" moto-lite wheel wrapped in Alcantara rather than leather. My M3 has it's wheel wrapped in this stuff and I love it. Not looking to wrap my current wheel, I like options ;)
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    Wheel Creek

    Just got back from a couple hundred drive and have a creaking noise coming from the rear left hub; I can make it occur by pushing the car back and forth; seems to be near the axle or in the hub. Any ideas before I jack up the car and start to pull stuff apart? Wheel bearing? On an...
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    Local Motors

    Anyone checked out Local Motors? Interesting company, they release design competitions and then the winning design gets built. Not only that, but the way they sell the car is that you can fly out and work with the mechanics to build it over a two week period. Overall I think it sounds pretty...
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    When loading a car on a trailer and using a winch, where do you recommend hooking the strap too? Front horizontal frame bar? I do not have a tow hook built yet. Thanks Kevin
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    Deadbolt - A Great Invention

    I received a call today from my neighbor today to report that two a$$holes were attempting to kick in my door, an attempted robbery. Good news is that my neighbor yelled at them that the cops were on their way (they were) and that they took off. So all is well that ends well since they didn't...
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    HVAC Servo's Not Working

    As I continue to debug the car I found that the servos controlling the heat, demist mix, and foot/face mix do not work, they simply do not move. The recirc does work, I can see the servo move but I identified all the other servos but those do not move. Interesting the previous owner apparently...
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    Installing Shaft Mount Rocker Arms?

    Anything special to be done when installing these (outside of setting lash)? Lube them up with assembly lube? Thanks