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    New GT40 Build - Australia

    Dan Sent you a PM.
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    Rivnuts or nutserts for windows / headlight covers etc...

    Andrew Check post #42 on my build log. I can't say for sure how well they will work as I have not attached the covers yet.
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    Sean Im not sure if this was an old post or not. I added them for no particular reason just had...

    Sean Im not sure if this was an old post or not. I added them for no particular reason just had seen them on a few other cars and liked them. I do not think they aren really needed.
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    Very Last Minute - Newport, RI

    Was there today. I believe this is 1030 and I guess the Cunninghams .
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    Phil's RCR GT40

    Made a little more progress and figured I would update. Chassis is just about complete including engine being fired up. Body is painted and chassis is going to Metal Morphous to be mated up next week. Should be there a couple of weeks and then back home for finishing touches.
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    Weather Striping

    Thanks guys.
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    Weather Striping

    Getting ready for body install and I am not sure what to use for weather striping on doors and rear clip. Any recommendations for an RCR? Thanks in advance.
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    Steering Wheel

    Andy Could you tell me the ID of the center hole? I have a Quick Release hub that has an OD of 3 7/16". Thanks
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    Steering Wheel

    Can anyone tell me where to source the Moto Lita Steering wheel including boss and GT40 center piece? Thanks
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    Building a RCR GT40 it makes sense.
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    Building a RCR GT40

    Chet Unless I am missing something or they made some changes those 2 long lines do not look right?
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    SPF Stripes

    MK1 over the top double stripes. Thanks
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    SPF Stripes

    Any SPF owners happen to know the width of the Factory Stripes as seen on most SPF cars or maybe take a measurement for me. I prefer a thinner stripe over the wide ones. Thanks in advance. Phil
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    Quaife Transaxle Questions

    Getting ready to start setting up shifter and cables. I know little about these transaxles and would like some info on the gear selector on these and what position designates 1st thru 5th gear and reverse and how they are selected. Hopefully one of the transaxles guys can educate me. Thanks
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    Phil's RCR GT40

    I took advantage of 3 days of rain over the Holiday Weekend last week and made some progress. I got the Engine and Transaxle installed for the last time hopefully. Brakes and emergency brake mounted. Radiator and front cowl section shaping up. AC lines hooked up to compressor. Engine coolant...
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    AC Hose Crimper

    Any recommendations on a Hydraulic Crimper for the AC Hose? I see some for $150-$200 has anyone had experience with these? Thanks Phil
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    FS CAN A few more parts and prices

    Carman I will take the door inserts. Thanks Just noticed Kristian's post so after him.
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    Phil's RCR GT40

    I had these aluminum anodized stick on labels made for my brake and clutch reservoirs by A-1 Engraving Services. I plan on using these for the switch panel also.
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    Phil's RCR GT40

    Since my body and chassis are at the bodyshop I started work on my dash. Started by making the aluminum switch plates which where kind of a pita. I made a template then ordered the aluminum pieces (0.63) online which I had cut to size. I used a cheap 18" bench top brake to make the bends then...