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    Porsc boxer or audi/vw box need fwd only

    Porsche 986 Boxster 2.7L 5 speed transmission 00-04 OEM - eBay (item 310291172862 end time Feb-24-11 22:53:21 PST) audi 2.7L turbo tans maybe? are they allweel drive her in us ? going to be runing a ford 4.6 dohc mod motor
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    Scratch built GT90

    OK two years and $4000 dollors to get a clean right cad files So I finely got my Cad files to Scale and checked the Wheel Base on the GT90 is all correct. So i have sent the files to Detroit to get them Sliced so i can print them and make rib formers so now i have to buy a 42in printer and...
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    ford 4.6 block and crank pattern diagram?

    ford 4.6 block and crank pattern diagram? like a enginer's bolt pattern for the crank and back of block ?
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    steering rack? mpv?

    streering rank i know people have used them on some kit cars have any one use on here and do you have the distance from end to end? is there any rank longer then a MPV i am bluilding a GT90 i need to get my trank with out to 67.3 front and 63.5 rear
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    O1E trans ID

    what car did it come in >? what US car did it come in? What Car has the O1E trans that is the same pattern was the 016 trans i have heard that some VW's had it in the USA but are the the same bellhouseing was the 016? did any of the O1E have a bigger bell housing? any put will help i...
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    Audi trans to 4.6 ford any one done it or 01e

    audi trans to 4.6 ford any one done it or 01e i would like to do a 4.6 ford to O1e but if not just a 016 is fine i can only get a ford 289 or 302 or 351w so far if any one know how to do it or has seen it done pls help i think some one did it in Australia
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    Transmission will fit 98-02 audi A6 - S4 is this the one that bolts up ? i cant find a VW one ? eBay Motors: AUDI 6 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION (item 280060282252 end time Dec-19-06 13:33:53 PST) this is the link